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Commentary: Mobile's new congressman could help repeal unnecessary broadcast law

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Since Bradley Byrne was inducted into the House of Representatives of the United States this past Wednesday, January 8th, to represent Mobile and the rest of the first congressional district of Alabama, now would be a good time to contact him about problems related to broadcasting and convince him to address those problems in the house and propose legislation to solve them.

I hope he considers my idea about repealing the Children's Television Act and proposes legislation to do it (I contacted him about the idea via electronic mail). If it were repealed, local TV stations would no longer be required to broadcast educational and informative programs on a regular basis or else they would be subject to fines by the Federal Communications Commission (the FCC) or having their broadcast licenses revoked. National broadcasting companies would most likely stop providing blocks of educational and informative programming on Saturday mornings to the network affiliates if the law were repealed since the affiliates would have no need for broadcasting them anymore.

Repealing the law may be good for the freedom of the stations, but it may not necessarily result in more of them broadcasting the types of programs many stations usually broadcast on Saturday mornings and the midday hours of weekdays before the year 2000 (such as animated cartoons that were created only for the purpose of entertaining folks) since many folks today can find such programs anytime of the day through national cable TV and satellite TV programming services and through Internet video services.

There is a still a chance that if the law were repealed that some local and national broadcasters would use their broadcast times on Saturday mornings the way they would treat their midday and evening broadcast times by using them to regularly broadcast new TV series that cannot be accessed through national cable TV or satellite TV programming services. This would provide good opportunities for creators who may not be successful at getting their programs broadcast through such services and provide more variety on TV in general.

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