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Commentary: Local broadcasters referring to a local bridge by a joke name

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Many broadcasters in the Mobile, Alabama-Pensacola, Florida TV market had constantly referred to the Interstate 65 bridge over the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta as "the Dolly Parton Bridge" (or in the case of at least one local traffic reporter, "the Dolly") over the course of this month and during part of the previous month ever since the fire that took place there during that previous month. I wish they would not refer to the bridge by that name any more and only refer to it by either its official name (the General Walter K. Wilson Jr. Bridge, or the General W. K. Wilson Jr. Bridge for short) or simply the Interstate 65 bridge over the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. I am sure they would want to respect the famous singer who goes by the name "Dolly Parton" by not using it in reference to the bridge any more since it was not officially named after her and the reason for it being nicknamed "the Dolly Parton Bridge" in the first place was due to someone jokingly referring to it by that name after it reminded him or her of the breasts of the singer due to its design and appearance from a certain perspective.

(note: the recent Mobile TV Examiner article titled "Some local TV stations broadcast censored versions of robbery video" was updated)

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