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Commentary: As 2010 Olympic hockey begins, let's remember there's no failure in God.



  • Pastor D. 6 years ago

    Praise God, Pastor Cylar!! Great Article and Analogy!!! Thank God for Jesus and that there is No Failure in him. As I was reading this article, I was thinking about the story that I saw on MSNBC, today, about a Young Teenage Model. Even though she is a tiny Size 4, her agency saids that she is still too big. If this Young Lady is depending on the acceptance of her Modeling World and agents to complete her.... She could die. But because of Who God is, He can let her know. That her worth is not measured by what man may say. But She is who God has made her to be. And if she has to move on to something else, then do so. She can Trust that God will help her through. Because there is No Faiure in Him. Blessings-Pastor D.

  • Frank Simmons II 6 years ago

    Very nice article. Clearly shows us God's Love for His People.

  • Brenda Green - Topeka Freethought Examiner 6 years ago

    Obviously, we're not on the same page, but I subscribed and posted ... return the professional courtesy?

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