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Commentary: A wish to have Retro TV's programming back in time for 'MST3K'

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Retro TV's plan to have the TV program "Mystery Science Theater 3000" (one of my favorite TV programs; also known as "MST3K" for short) broadcast nationally for the first time since its last broadcast by the national TV programming service formerly known as the Sci-Fi Channel (their current name is SyFy) on the Saturday of January 31st, 2004, makes me wish Comcast Cablevision of Mobile, Mediacom Communications of Mobile, and AT&T U-verse in Mobile would make deals with Retro TV's network affiliate in Pascagoula, Mississippi (WKFK-TV) and add their stream of Retro TV programming to their cable TV systems since they are the closest affiliate to Mobile County and most residents of Mobile County are outside of their broadcast area (DirecTV and Dish Network are not likely to do the same for their satellite TV customers in Mobile County anytime soon due to WKFK-TV using one of their digital sub-channels to broadcast all of Retro TV's programming rather than their main digital channel). Hopefully they would make these deals by the time Retro TV starts broadcasting "Mystery Science Theater 3000" on a regular basis this July (the Saturday of July 5th to be precise). If not, folks in Mobile and other areas without programming from Retro TV may still access their programming from the official World Wide Web sites for their network affiliates in Key West, Florida (WEYW-TV) and Beaumont, Texas (KUMY-TV).

(note: WKRG-TV in Mobile used to provide programming from Retro TV for folks in Mobile and the rest of the Mobile, Alabama-Pensacola, Florida TV market through their digital sub-channel 5-3 (or radio frequency channel 27-3) until the Monday of September 26th, 2011, when they started broadcasting programming from Memorable Entertainment Television (Me-TV) in its place)

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