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Commemorate special dates with Not Just Any Old Day jewelry

"Graduation" Calendar Key pendant with Swarovski crystal, $60. Add on charm, $10.
"Graduation" Calendar Key pendant with Swarovski crystal, $60. Add on charm, $10.

Do you have a special date that means something to you? Whenever you think of the special occasion, does it bring joy to your heart? If so, commemorate that date with Not Just Any Old Day jewelry. From birthdays, weddings, graduations, cancerversaries or even recovery dates, this company has you covered with knock-out jewelry gifts.

Emblazoned with Swarovski crystal in whatever color you desire, Not Just Any Old Day jewelry also offers a multitude of metal and custom engraving options. A favorite plated jewelry contender includes rose gold, while other heavy hitters include sterling silver and 14K yellow gold.

Recalls Not Just Any Old Day's owner, Michele Esposito, "At the end of 2007, I sat at my computer and was searching the internet for hours hoping to find the perfect gift to commemorate a special date in the life of my Fiancé, Steve. I was having a hard time finding exactly what I pictured in my mind his gift should look like. I recalled a calendar charm that my Grandfather (who was a jeweler) had made into a necklace and gave to my Grandmother to mark their 1st wedding anniversary. She wore it every day that I can remember, and it was probably the most special treasure in her jewelry collection."

Without being able to find a suitable jewelry piece online, Michele went on a mission to make her own for the special people in her life. Now, in 2014, her company is in full-blown swing, making memorably jeweled date sakes for all occasions.

Prices range on the pieces. Yet, for under $75 you can hit a birthday or graduation day home run to remember. Shop Not Just Any Old Day jewelry here.