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'Commando tactics' reduce Hamas' profile

CNN’s reporting about the Israel fight with Hamas in Gaza is superlative, and credit goes to seasoned reporters like Ben Wedeman. Wedeman describes Hamas as employing “commando tactics” and keeping a low profile compared with past incursions when they were parading in streets and making themselves more visible targets.

Hamas, changing tactics

A Gaza parliament member and spokesperson for Hamas made a case on CNN this morning speaking with Wolf Blitzer that Gaza citizens are being killed in an act of genocide, a word also allegedly used by the French ambassador. Using those words ignore that Hamas is a terrorist organization, and we would not be witnessing this if they had not launched a missile attack against Israel.

The death toll in Gaza is small compared with what it could be. If Israel was doing a job on Hamas, the number of Hamas deaths would be in tens of thousands, and civilian collateral damage might be in the thousands. So, Hamas remains hidden among the population, awaiting to be dug out by the Israelis.

There is a call for a cease fire to enable Gaza citizens to pick up the casualties, wounded and killed, and to resupply humanitarian essentials.

At what point will the member of parliament and other citizen leaders call for Hamas to stand down from being representatives of Gaza citizens? Only when that happens can Israel engage the community with intent to restore peace. Political leadership cannot be a terrorist organization that is bent on the destruction of Israel. What you are witnessing is the consequence of Gaza citizens being hijacked by 20-25,000 Hamas terrorists.

The Hamas are better trained and equipped, according to the Wedeman report. Iran and others have supplied them, and helped train them, perhaps. State-sponsored terrorism remains a problem in the Middle East. Instance by instance, the problem will be solved, but only when the stalemate has been breached.

“Israel finds Hamas are no longer amateur fighters
By Ben Wedeman, CNN
updated 5:17 AM EDT, Tue July 22, 2014

Deaths mount in Gaza and Israel
CNN's Ben Wedeman says Hamas is a stronger force this time
It has adopted commando-like tactics, he says
There was cheering at reports of an Israeli solider captured
U.S. has little to show for a year of trying to forge peace, he says
Gaza City (CNN) -- Israel's ground incursion into Gaza, which it says is intended to destroy Palestinian militants' tunnels and stop rocket fire into Gaza, has entered its fifth day with the death toll mounting on both sides and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arriving in Egypt. CNN's Ben Wedeman, a veteran Middle East correspondent, puts the incursion into perspective.”

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