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Commander 2014 spoilers: Innistrad Ghoulcaller sister

Ahh, the glorious war...
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The San Diego Comic-Con Magic panel mostly told us things about how the world of Tarkir is structured - what happened to its Dragons, what all the wars are about, and a handful of broad mechanical things. There were, however, a few nice concrete spoilers. A couple of them were for Commander 2014 - which is confirmed to be five monocolor decks, each headlined by returning characters from Magic's past who either never got a card or who are getting makeovers in the form of a new card.

Now, one of the most-requested characters to get a legendary creature card of her own of all time had to be Gisa, the necromancer of Innistrad, whose feud with her more scientifically-minded brother Geralf was the source of some great stories during that block. And now she's finally getting her chance to shine:

Ghoulcaller Gisa 3BB

Legendary Creature - Human Wizard (Mythic)

B, Tap, Sacrifice another creature: Put X 2/2 black Zombie creature tokens onto the battlefield, where X is the sacrificed creature's power.

"Geralf, must you always whine? I agreed to nothing. I'll raise ghouls anytime I wish."


Like the Zombie armies she raises, and like the theme of the Zombie tribe from Innistrad block, Gisa is slow but definitely overwhelming once she gets going. She's pretty expensive - she's got a midrange body and mana cost, odd for a creature whose sole focus is her activated ability - but what an ability. In fact, that's necessary to keep the ability from exploding into brokenness. Seriously, not only does it drip with flavor - fed to the Zombies! - it's really really powerful too, as an effective power doubling and splitting one creature into a much harder to block bunch of creatures. It's unusual that an ability that can't see any offensive use until the third turn after the creature it's on drops (you have to wait for her to lose summoning sickness, then again for all the Zombie tokens to, so you can attack with the Zombies) is still considered scary, but there you have it. She incidentally goes goofily well with none other than Thromok the Insatiable.

What do you think of this crazy Zombie lady (yes, not a Cat lady, but Zombies)? Let me know in the comments.

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