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Command Carrier: Mission Gaea offers misleading title, detail-oriented play

Bohemia Studios's Carrier Command: Mission Gaea builds on an older title. It brings back the successful elements of the older title while blending in new technologies.

Despite being billed as an action and strategy game, the demo focuses on the action element. It starts with an amphibious landing. A gamer takes control of three tanks called walruses as a brief tutorial walks her through the game's less obvious controls. Some items, such as H.E.A.T., are never officially explained, but most users can figure them out.

Command Carrier: Mission Gaea's graphics and game play are impressive, even if the premise does not live up to its title. Players can see their tanks kick up dust as they roll along. Objects become smaller as they fade in the distance. This attention to detail extends to the science of the game world. When the player aims the Walrus's cannons, she must pay attention to her elevation. She must raise or lower the turret appropriately. If someone takes a shot from a moving vehicle, that person should track where it lands.

Even though Boehmia Interactive paid attention during the development process, some would say should have considered giving the title a different name. The Carrier Command name suggests naval tactics and flight combat simulation. It does not suggest ground forces during a series amphibious landings. Because the game is a remake of an older title, this can be forgiven. After all, a video game should not be judged by its title. It earns four out of five stars.

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