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Coming to BlogHer? What gadgets and related items should you bring?


BlogHerIf you are coming to BlogHer '09 in Chicago this weekend, there are a few gadgets that you should have on hand so you won't forget to do a little geeking out during all the excitement. After all, it IS a blogging conference. :) This list also works for other conferences, blogging parties, or similar events that you might attend!

- Camera (check): I would definitely suggest bringing a REAL camera and not completely relying on cell phone pics to capture your memories. A small pocket camera should be fine. But heck, if you are anal about pictures like me (I am a photographer!) and want to remember everything and catch great detail then put that DSLR around your neck! I have a Canon T1i and Canon XSi. I have not decided if I will be carrying one with me just yet.

- Cellphone (check): I have an iPhone so I'll be snapping pics and uploading them to Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr probably. I can also Tweet, keep up with email, edit my FB status, and more. Oh, and I'll be using it to shoot video. If tweeting, be sure to append #blogher to your tweets so others can easily find them.

- Laptop or Netbook (check)- For catching up on blogging, email, and more when you are in your room or during conference breaks.

- iPod or other MP3 player (check) - For your airplane ride, cab ride, or when you need a quiet moment. Don't forget the charge for this either!

- A hefty stack of business cards (check) - You are going to meet a ton of new people. They may ask "What do you do?" or want to talk to you later. So have a ton of cards to pass out.

- A small notepad and a pen (check) -  To jott down ideas that you get from others as you listen to the speakers or chat with those related to your field.

- CHARGERS OR SYNC CABLE AND EXTRA BATTERIES FOR ALL YOUR GADGETS - Nothing would be worse than having your laptop, camera or phone run out of power in the middle of the conference.

All these things can easily go into your carry on bag to be on hand when you need them. What are you bringing?

Coming to town this weekend and want to meet me?? Send me a tweet at