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Coming to a neighborhood near you

Help; looking for dog and animal lovers, innovative types to rally round and “spark” dog poop-to-power generation in Colorado. Cedar Dog, an author and eco-friendly dog is searching for friends to step up and make the Cambridge, Massachusetts “Park Spark” mission a reality in a dog park, shelter, or rescue near you.

The forward-looking dog talked in her book, Doggone Green; about her bovine friends helping dairy farmers power their farm machinery off manure for over a decade. She gave a wag of approval in her book to the “The Denver Zoo for being on a fast track to using biogas to heat, cool, and power its future eco-friendly, 10 acre Asian Tropics exhibit.” Another example, she explained “of animals and human ‘scooping’ together a design whose time has come.” The zoo’s “gasification project” will divert millions of pounds of animal waste away from landfills.

Now it is time, she says, to look over this BBC video on the work at “Park Spark” and make it happen in our own backyard. The idea behind the Cambridge demonstration is to ignite a call to action for dogs and their people to find ways to use the millions of pounds of dog poop produced each year to power parks, animal shelters, and animal facilities all over.