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Coming soon to a theater near you

The Real Avatar
The Real Avatar
Paramount Pictures

There have been a lot of good martial arts movies from other countries that have never made it to the theaters in our area. This has been changing over the last few years due in part to recent interest by domestic directors in the genre and the success of their ventures.

The new movie by M. Night Shyamalan, The Last Airbender (projected release date July 2nd 2010) is scheduled to premiere its first broadcast trailer during the Superbowl (the cost of the air-time for this trailer is more than most martial arts movie budgets). The movie’s storyline is taken from the Nickelodeon animated series, Avatar. Much of the storyline and visuals of the cartoon have root in Asian tradition. The series went on for three seasons and has become a favorite with all ages. Paramount Pictures has budgeted 250 million dollars for this movie and two sequels betting it can make a favorite or two for Avatar fans. Can’t wait for the Superbowl? Take a peek here:

If you are into Muay Thai you know about Tony Jaa known as the Jackie Chan of Thailand. If you have never seen Tony in action, you have been missing out. Not only is his Muay Thai execution incredible, he also does his own extreme stuntman work. Ong Bak 3 follows the tradition of the first two but with even more action. The really cool thing about the series is that the quality of the movie has grown immensely each sequel. Here is a quick look:


From China this year’s top grossing sequel could possibly be Ip Man 2. Starring Donnie Yen (son of world famous Wushu and Tai Chi master Bow Sim-Mark) and Sammo Hung (Jackie Chan’s real life Kung Fu brother), the series chronicles the life of Bruce Lee’s most noteworthy instructor, Ip Man. Many of the heroes Bruce Lee portrayed in the movies were like the hero Ip Man was in real life. If Ip Man 2 is anywhere near as good as Ip Man 1 was it will be worth seeing three times if it makes to a theater near you. If it don’t at least I can offer you a quick look here:

Not all the real good martial arts flicks from around the world make it to the theaters in the Pacific Northwest but more and more are making it to our homes through the Internet. Consumers have the ability to broaden their entertainment horizons using the web which in turn has led to providers needing to diversify in order to compete for those tight economy entertainment dollars. The end product in this case being big budget movies packed with martial arts action from around the globe coming sooner to a theater near you.


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