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Coming soon at Gallery Underground: 'Left Out'

Plum, Apple & Cherry by Artist and Juror, James Farrah
Plum, Apple & Cherry by Artist and Juror, James Farrah
Artist: James Farrah

Bob Ross often said, "We don't make mistakes; we just have happy accidents." Gallery Underground kicks off the season in September with a show called, “Left Out.” It’s a about happy accidents which refers to things that the artist did or didn’t do that resulted in a better and more interesting work of art.

That sounds like an edgy theme, doesn’t it? Most artists will probably admit that producing work is nearly always experimental. There are so many variables from deciding what to paint to the materials, palette and the artist’s own command of techniques and media.

Experimenting (playing around) with line, tone, shape, and color is what artists enjoy doing. One of the worst outcomes that an artist might experience is producing work that is simply “weak.” What makes it weak is being predictable or being trite.

As a painter, I confess that I often make compositional errors. I start a subject and lose control of placement and development around it. In the end, some elements just look distorted and out of place. A patron might respond, “That isn’t right.” Well, you know what, that work should not have been revealed.

On the other hand, I have started down a particular path, and then discovered something better and changed the idea. That is easier done in some media than others. If the patron knew what I had intended and compared the result, they might say, “That isn’t right.” However, not knowing what I intended, they might say, “That’s terrific.” So, should artists tell people about their mistakes? That’s risky.

Here you go, let’s see what the Arlington Artists Alliance come up with in this risky show. I bet there will be some exciting outcomes from these unintended consequences. The artists will reveal their original intentions and then disclose the result, and they will be on hand to face the music with the audience.

See you at the omission?

Focus Gallery: Juried Show “Left Out”
Dates: August 25 – September 26, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, September 5, 2014, 5-8 p.m.
Arlington, VA - In the Focus Gallery during September, Gallery Underground presents a new juried exhibit “Left Out.”

An artist makes many decisions before and during the creative process: what to include in a still life; what elements to omit from a landscape; whether to use a warm or cool color palette? Or, is that “oops” moment actually a happy accident? Often the finished work is not at all like the original concept. Each work in this show will include a short statement by the artist on their original inspiration, and how it evolved as the work progressed. You will be able to stand in the artist’s shoes for a few moments in viewing the finished piece. Come and enjoy the show, have a glass of wine and talk with our artists about this interesting process!

This show will be juried by James Farrah who taught painting at Chandler-Gilbert Community College and The Mesa Arts Center, both in Arizona. Now back in Pennsylvania, James instructs privately and leads annual workshops at Hameau Studios in Belleville, PA. James holds signature memberships in numerous professional artist organizations, including the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, and the National Acrylic Painters Association.

Main Gallery: August Members Show
Dates: August 25 – September 26, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, September 5, 2014, 5-8 p.m.

Gallery Underground also features a new exhibit of members’ work in the Main Gallery,
including sculpture, glass, ceramics, watercolor, oil, acrylic, and mixed media.

Located in the Crystal City Shops at 2100 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202, this visual arts venue is sponsored by the Arlington Artists Alliance (AAA), in partnership with the Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID) and Vornado/Charles E. Smith to showcase the work of established and emerging regional artists.

Gallery Hours: M-F 10am - 6pm, Saturday 10am - 2pm. Metro accessible. Parking is available in metered spots on nearby streets and in public garages, which are free all day Saturdays and after 4pm on weekdays.

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Gallery Underground
Crystal City Shops @ 2100 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202

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