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Coming Out Of The Closet? Going To Let Everyone Know?

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Are you feeling like you have had enough already?
You feel as if every single day you are acting and being someone you are not.
You are ready to come out of the closet and let everyone know!

Well slow down one minute. Just getting up and leaving your job without a plan behind you is not a wise decision. It is not as if you cannot leave your job for years. You must plan for your exit. Let’s be realistic, we all have bills to pay and the job you have is bringing in the income.

Here are the initial questions you must address:

  1. Are you seeking to have a job at another company?
  2. Are you seeking to start your own business?
  3. Are you considering traveling for a few months or volunteering yourself to a group for a period of time or going back to school for an advanced degree?

Let’s address each of these options.

Are you seeking a job at another company?

If this is your goal make certain you are not conducting this search during your work hours and on your work PC, laptop or internet system. If you have meetings or interviews or networking toward exploring these options breakfast or earlier, lunch or after work is how you should be scheduling your time.

Do your homework. The saying, the grass always looks greener on the other side – should end with – until you get there. You may feel you are really not happy with the way your current job is for a variety of reasons. Do your homework before you find yourself in another company in a worse situation.

Are you seeking to start your own business?

This new business is it a franchise or a pure start up? Either way where are the finances coming from and how much cushion exists until the business ramps up and brings in money to replace your current income? You may want to consider keeping your job until you have some traction in the new business.

Are you considering traveling for a few months or volunteering yourself to a group for a period of time or going back to school for an advanced degree?

Carefully consider taking yourself out of the game. If you are creating a career path for yourself completely removing yourself from the job market and not obtaining experience relevant to your specific career path is a dangerous road to travel.

Consider these questions and your answers as you are making your decision to go public. A wiser solution would be to work on creating a solid plan and strategically implement the action steps which will lead to the goals you are seeking to attain.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.



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