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Coming Apart Mentally 5 - The accountability of a wife

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May 30, 2014 – Procrastination, over-aggressiveness, confusion, chaos and disorder are unhealthy and married men live longer. The loving accountability of a wife can extend a man’s life, so it seems. Men tend to compartmentalize even as husbands and dads. We have a great ability to focus on the task at hand. Sometimes this ability to block out everything unrelated to the task or activity we are doing can cause us to miss other important happenings. We need reliable accountability partnerships to stay on track, even in and especially in the realm of fatherhood. Who on Earth could possibly be in a better position to hold a dad accountable than a loving, honoring and encouraging wife

Parenting is not done best as a solo act. The goal of parenting is maturity. Ultimately, we are raising future parents. My wife, Doreene Maynard reminds me, "They will be adults much longer than they will be children."

How a husband relates to his wife models a framework for marriage and raising children to the child being raised. Parents are the book on parenting. Not only is it naturally impossible for a man to be a dad without a female partner, it is important that the parents form a team once the child arrives. Dads need good female accountability be good dads.

“Men need help mates. They do not see everything and need gentle reminders.” Doreene added.

The prior nugget was true this morning, as I was in error. My two youngest children, Jeremiah and Eden get an allowance for doing chores, good behavior at home and school and they are required to write nightly in a journal. I normally check that they kept their end of the bargain and they get their money on the weekend. I did not have change and forgot this past weekend. Doreene wisely reminded me in a way that hit home.

“How would you like to work all week and your company forget to give you a paycheck?” Doreene pointed out. Suffice it to say the kids’ money was on the dining room table before they woke up to get ready for school.

Peace is the result of quality teamwork, especially in family. Great fatherhood is most often influenced by the honor, encouragement and accountability of loving motherhood, especially from a wife. If a man finds one, he finds his greatness.