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Coming 2019: The Batman? Rumors for a Batman Solo Film begin to Rise.

Rumors begin to circle on the possibility of a solo Batman film
Rumors begin to circle on the possibility of a solo Batman film
Warner Bros. Pictures

With Batman v.Superman hitting the scene in two years, rumors seem to be coming everywhere on Warner Bros' next steps in the creation of a DC Cinematic Universe. Moviegoers are already aware of BVS: Dawn of Justice and Justice League; which immediately follows the 2016 film. However, last week, rumors hit the web suggesting that the DC is already considering a whole line up of films. These films included Wonder Woman, Shazam, Sandman and a team up film between Green Lantern and Flash. The rumors suggest these films will be could come out between 2016 to 2018. However, in a new report, speculation begins to stir that the studio is already making plans for a solo Batman film.

According to Latino Reviews, WB is considering a solo Batman movie which will star Ben Affleck; who dawns the cape and cowl in Batman v.Superman. The report also points out that the movie will be hitting as late as 2019. Not only does the rumor suggest the timeline for the film upcoming film, but there is also a title that is being suggested as well. The report from Lantino Reviews suggests that the new film featuring the Dark Knight will be called "The Batman".

Before jumping to an conclusions, here are a few things to bear in mind. First is Latino Reviews. While it is not the worst site to look for movie information, Latino Reviews is known for releasing stories that are based in speculation then they are in facts. However, let's just say that the following information is true. What can we take away from this update on a Batman solo film? If this report is true, then having the next Batman movie in 2019 is a little surprising. Given the character's popularity, it would not be shocking if "The Batman" is among the films in the 2016-2018 lineup. The other thing to consider is the movie's title. The possibility of the movie being called "The Batman" are higher then some may think. Unless the studio wants a subtitle to go along with, The Batman does makes sense as the movie titles; seeing that the character has had a variety of titles in his past films. However, this is still all speculation.

While it is unclear on what when this Batman solo film will hit theaters (and rest assure it will come), we will be seeing the Dark Knight in action in Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice; which is scheduled to hit theaters on May 6,2016. Until Batman dukes it out with Superman, all we can do is wait to see more details on future Batman movies; as well as the fate of DC Cinematic Universe.

What do you think of the rumors for a new Batman movie? Express your feelings in the comments below.

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