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Comics travels: Washingtonian artists can visit Dare2Draw in NYC over March 27

Cliff Chiang, it can be said, is one integral explanation why Wonder Woman has shown in greater headline appearances outside of movies. For the New 52 start back in 2011, Chiang and writer Brian Azzarello have essayed a Wonder Woman comic series well-received by a Millenium comics community.

Visiting artists from the Washington D.C. region get a chance to attend the Dare2Draw event with special mentoring guest artist Cliff Chiang.
Cliff Chiang / Dare2Draw

One part of that community residing or visiting in New York City region has its resorts establishing a mentoring time for burgeoning comics artists, and an enthusiastic perspective for artists in general.

For District travelers or transplants in NYC on Thursday get your sketchbooks because Dare2Draw will be the artistic event occurring on March 27 on the hosting jazz brought about by Michelle Mozes and Simon Fraser. And for March the monthly event is ushering Cliff Chiang into the activities as Dare2Draw's Special Guest Artist. The non-profit platform is to be held at the Society of Illustrators. Chiang will mentor the evening's attendees off the suppliance of 2 Dynamic Action Models, discounts from sponsors, contests and prizes, plus free Wi-Fi. All of which kickstarts at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Chiang is an artist toting noticeablity for his works seen within GQ Magazine, Lucasfilm, Warner Animation and Dynamic Action Entertainment. His signature comic book best sellers to date have been: Human Target, Green Arrow & Black Canary, Beware the Creeper, Detective Comics, Grendel: Red, White and Black, Red Sonja and Dr. Thirteen: Architecture & Mortality. The American artist possesses a joint degree in English Literature and Visual Arts from Harvard University,

From the press release forwarded to this Examiner,

Cliff Chiang’s artwork has been hailed for its “fluid and confident storytelling” and “sweeping linework and nuanced style.

The night's D2D hosts are no strangers to comics or illustrative accomplishments themselves. Mozes, a current resider in New York City, is a multi-award winning artist multi-tasking as art director for a high-end boutique store while continuing her work freelancing in graphic design plus illustrator.

Fraser is an internationally well-known comics artist. His most recognizable works have been the widely read The Adventures of Nikolai Dante and the horror-based Hellhouse. He currently draws the weekly publication Lilly MacKenzie and the Mines of Charybdis for Act-i-vate webcomics collective based in New York City. The Scotland-born artist has also drawn many story arcs for the acclaimed Judge Dredd series and been a recurring artist at the Baltimore Comic-Con.

Features of the night will include portfolio reviews, demonstrations, a "Quick Draw" as well as "Re-Load" contest and networking opportunities.

For the Dare2Draw night, the cover charge is $15. dollars online. At the door it will be $20. dollars.

Thursday's event will end at 9:30 p.m. ET.

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