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Comic Kevin Lyons leaves an impression on The Comedy Store

Comedian Kevin Lyons
Comedian Kevin Lyons
The Comedy Store

A new stand up comic-of-interest in the Los Angeles comedy club scene is Kevin Lyons, a twenty-six-year-old wickedly funny Massachusetts native who won both laughs and fans in an October 16 performance in the Belly Room of The Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd.  Lyons' brotherly demeanor was disarming and put the audience at ease and in a receptive mood for what he was about to deliver.  And deliver, he did.  His anecdotes about hanging out with drunk people seemed to hit home for many in the crowd, as did his experiences being single.  Although not everyone may have shared his intense fear of sharks and his hatred of cats, some of Lyons' biggest laughs at The Comedy Store were a result of his incisive and witty remarks on these topics.

The most compelling feature of Kevin Lyons' set was his ability to pull off intensely amusing impressions that amplified his already-funny material.  From his hilarious imitation of his bartender-ex-girlfriend to his brief, but spot-on, impression of Christopher Walken bumping into a little boy, Lyons proved to be a versatile comedian with skills to spare.

Catch Kevin Lyons' next comedic performance at the HaHa Cafe in North Hollywood on Thursday, November 5.  He'll make you glad you did.