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Comic-Con tickets go on sale today

Comic-Con tickets go on sale today
Comic-Con tickets go on sale today

Today is the day! Tickets for the 2014 Comic-Con go on sale in one hour! Right now you should be going to your email and clicking on the link that Comic-Con sent to you. The link will take you to the front entrance of the room where you will be able to purchase the Comic-Con tickets.

If you aren't in before 9, then the odds of you getting in are unlikely. The longer you wait, the more people there will be waiting to get in. As soon as the site opens at 9, then you will have to rush and log in with your member ID and last name.

As mentioned many times in the past, if you do not have a member ID then you can NOT purchase a badge today. Comic-Con closed member ID registration last week sometime, so if you didn't make one, then you did not receive a link to purchase a badge, which means you will not be attending this year. Even if you have a friend who has a member ID purchase multiple badges, they will not be able to purchase for anyone who doesn't have their own. It's that serious, guys.

Now, I suggest just getting in the room now and then making some breakfast and watching some morning toons while waiting for 9 to roll around (less than an hour!). Also have your credit or debit cards on hand as well. Once you have your tickets, you will only have 15 minutes to purchase them before they are put back into the store so someone else will have the chance. Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor!