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Comic Con 'Supernatural' spoilers and sneak peek at season 10

Well, Comic Con is behind us once again and the echo of the Hall H madness has died down, but the collective uproar of the fandom has only just begun. As usual, there are the hand-wringers bemoaning the loss of their show and then there is the faction that embraces the ride and goes where the Winchesters go, no matter what. However, I digress, this isn't about the yearly before a new season can even start fandom battle over brothers and storyline, it's about spoilers!

"Supernatural" cast and executive producer/show runner at Comic Con 2014 at the autograph booth
"Supernatural" cast and executive producer/show runner at Comic Con 2014 at the autograph booth
Photo by Handout/Getty Images
"Supernatural" Comic Con autograph booth
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

As usual Comic con dished out a little more tease than hard core spoilers, but what we were given is still some juicy stuff:

Demon Dean will be a little too much for Crowley to handle

Sam and Dean will both go down some dark paths in season 10

Sam will do some questionable things to save and heal his brother (Reminder: so, has Dean in previous seasons)

Demon Dean enjoys being what he has become, per Jensen Ackles (Dean) in an interview. Demon Dean doesn't have a care in the world and that includes everything and everyone. (pump your breaks fandom, this doesn't mean we've lost the brothers! Carver knows the show is about the brothers.)

Castiel's grace is failing (come on Cas, Metatron probably still has your grace in that vial somewhere tucked away, go find it)

Season 10 starts with a short time leap somewhere between 4-6 months, but 4 months has been mentioned. (We'll have to wait and see, but either way it's not too long)

Episode 3 is the first episode Demon Dean and Sam see each other and it is the episode Jensen Ackles (Dean) directed

There will be a couple new characters introduced: Cole and Rowena (both sound interesting, but how long they last remains to be seen, as new character lifespans can be short)

The BIG reveal at Comic Con was when Jensen Ackles introduced a sneak peek clip from episode 3 -- it was an intense scene between Demon Dean and Sam. Good stuff! Also, it appears based on the clip that Jared Padalecki's real life shoulder injury is being written into the storyline, as Sam was wearing a sling in the scene.

The new season premieres on October 7, 2014 on the CW Network and as the summer and hiatus draws to a close there will be more spoilers and teases to come out of the "Supernatural" camp. Season 10 or Bust!

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