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Comic-Con releases first season 5 trailer of The Walking Dead

There’s no denying that The Walking Dead has come a long way from its first six-episode season. Since the Pilot episode, fans have long waited for a gritty, action filled season and until season 4, they were pretty disappointed. But the previous showed that the potential only seen in the Pilot was still around and finally getting its due. Thanks to Comic Con, the first real trailer for season 5 has appeared and it promises to hold a gloriously bloody season for eager fans.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon

Several things can be pieced together from the trailer – namely, that Rick & Co. survive Terminus. We see plenty of clips that no doubt come from the first few episodes, including an ominous brief glimpse at Rick looking at a table with a dead man on it about to get butchered. There’s no clear way of seeing who the man is but he does have what appears to be black hair. It’s a clue that gives more questions than answers considering all but one of the men in the group have luscious black locks.

There are also quite a few clips of Gareth, the first man the group was introduced to at Terminus before being rounded up and placed in a train car. With tensions at an all time high, it’s a mystery who will turn into the true villain this season as Rick has yet to properly get to know Rosita, Abraham, and Eugene. Judging from his newfound neck-biting tendencies, we’re going to say that Rick will be one serious badass to contend with in the upcoming season. As long as he doesn’t see Lori’s ghost again or go crazy, we’re fine with this character development.

We also see that Beth is alive and is kept in what looks like a hospital with a really mean woman. Ever since being separated from Daryl, fans have wondered who took her and where. The trailer focuses mostly on Rick’s group and there’s little doubt that they will take up most of the episodes in the first part of the season with a few dedicated solely to Beth (ala Andrea’s story in season 3 and the Governor in season 4). If that doesn’t sound interesting, well… there’s good reason for that. Beth is simply not a very interesting character – at least compared to the rest. But this season looks to change that and only time will tell if it works.

What most fans will notice though is that while Beth and Rick’s group get some clips in, Tyreese and Carold don't (as they got their own teaser trailer); however, we do see Rick holding a baby in two separate shots which is most likely Judith. That can only mean that Rick and the group is reunited with Tyreese and Carol, which should be interesting to watch as it would be those two versus a whole lot of machine gun wielding people.

Overall, this new season should hold some very intriguing storylines with Andrew J. West, who plays Gareth, coming on as a regular and Beth trying to escape from wherever she is being held. Of course, The Walking Dead wouldn’t be complete without some deaths involved and as of now, the popular consensus seems to be leaning toward Glenn and a possible Maggie pregnancy. Because a show about zombies and psychopaths doesn’t have enough drama already.

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