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Comic-Con 2014: Season 4 teaser of 'Person of Interest'

The world has changed

It's going to be the clash of the A.I. on the CBS cyber crime-thriller Person of Interest, as the war between the Machine and Samaritan will be at the forefront this fall, so check out the Comic-Con 2014 teaser at YouTube.

For the past three years, Reese and Finch has been secretly protecting the citizens of New York thanks to the Machine.

Created by Finch, its purpose was to not only stop acts of terrorism, but also prevent crimes that has been considered irrelevant by the government -- crimes prevented by Reese, Finch, Carter, Fusco, Shaw, and their dog Bear. Last season, though, the POI team suffered a tremendous loss when one of their own gave up everything to bring down HR, the organization of corrupt cops linked to the mob.

And not that's not bad enough, the team's rogue gallery of enemies has extended from the violent privacy terrorism group Vigilance to Greer and Decima Technologies, whose sole purpose is to bring a second Machine online: Samaritan. Surprisingly, the team found an unlikely ally in Root, who's now connected to the Machine.

With Samaritan fully operational and their headquarters now compromised, season four will find this modern A-Team trying to living normal lives under their new aliases. However, as Finch told Reese in the beginning, the numbers will never stop coming, so it will be Reese trying to get Finch to get back to their work: saving lives.

Person of Interest begins its fourth season Tuesday, September 23 at 10pm; season three comes on DVD and Blu-Ray September 2.

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