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Comic Books: Web Head Kicks off May 2014.

Everyone favorite wall crawler heads back to the big screen in "The Amazing Spiderman 2." SPOILER ALERT! The second installment of the new franchise features not one, not two but three of the Sinister Six, a cadre comprised of Spidey's worst and most deadly enemies.

 Face-Off! Spider and Electro Square off!
Face-Off! Spider and Electro Square off!
Amazing Spider Man 2

This film focuses on the relationship between two best friends as well. Harry Osborn is the son of industrialist Norman Osborn, owner of Oscorp.

British youth icon Andrew Garfield returns as the kid with genetically spider venom in his veins and heroism in his soul. He's still investigating the secret life of his scientists parents and their connection to Oscorp.

Jamie Foxx portrays Max Dillon, a somewhat misguided and sycophantic soul and employee at Oscorp. Max is rescued by Spiderman during his pursuit of Russian criminal Aleksei Sytsevich played by the fine character actor and Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti who's attempting to steal plutonium.

Max Dillon becomes obsessed with Spidey believing they are now friends. Max is working at Oscorp doing maintenance in a lab that houses electric eels used in experiments, he accidentally falls into their tank and they mutate him into Electro.

The maestro of mega watts staggers into Times Square causing a blackout, Spidey arrives and tries to calm him down but when attacked by the N.Y.P.D. he unleashes his awesome power. Web head finally subdues him and he's carted off to Marvel's equivalent of Arkham Asylum, the Ravenscroft Institute.

We also find out that Harry Osborn has a genetic disease inherited from his father Norman and that he's now at the age that the illness begins to manifest itself, and dies. Norman senior's final act is to give Harry a small device that contains his life's work.

Harry gets begins to show signs of the disease and uses the device his late dad gave him to discover that Spidey's blood could possibly save him. Peter is initially hesitant because of his fear of the effects on Harry. Whew! Cut!

Well that's enough for now, if you want find out what happens you'll have to sit next to Examiner at nearest IMAX -3D to you when it hits theaters on May 2!

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