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Comic Books: Tussle of the Thors?

Two actors, one character, The two faces of "Odin."
Two actors, one character, The two faces of "Odin."
Marvel and "The Asylum."

That's right folks! There's going to be more than one "Thor" film vying for your attention this Spring. Besides the first of Hollywood's annual Summer Tentpole spectaculars, the God of Thunder is also being acknowledged by the SyFy Channel (formerly the "Sci-fi" channel) as it shows its version by the Roger Corman esque production house known as "The Asylum." This west coast schlock generator throws its hat into the ring with "Thor: The Almighty!"

Wow! Who needs a multimillion dollar budget when you've got Kevin Nash of the WWE playing Odin and former teen idol from "21 Jump Street" protégée who was supposed to replace for Johnny Depp on the Canadian Pop cop show of the late eighties to early nineties. Since then Richard Grieco's biggest role was that of a teen age secret agent in 1991's "If Looks could Kill." "You all remember that classic where he could confuse his enemies by shooting steam from his nipples! Talk about your "hot tips."

Since then he's been doing the "B"movie/Straight To DVD " thing. Grieco is capable of taking Thor's scheming arch nemesis "Loki" to a whole new level of mania. This scheming god of mischief, deceit and lies is Thor's half brother, thus introducing a very "Hamlet" oriented mood throughout the history of Stan Lee's homage to Shakespeare. Let's compare the two.

"Thor" the summer blockbuster has Thor's home of Asgard as a golden city made out of well, gold! "Thor: The Almighty " has a 16 century castle created with really powerful desk top P.C. and cool photo shop effects! "Thor," a dragon the size of a skyscraper! "Thor : The Almighty," a couple dragons, each about the size of Winnebago! Once again to be fair, it looked like it was done with a very powerful desktop P.C.

Pop quiz! Which movie is worth seeing? Answer: Both! Go to the movie theaters and hang out with your friends and make a night of "Thor" on 5-6-11. Saturday, 5/7/11 you stay in and really enjoy the SyFy Channel's version with the proper beverage or "whatever!" Chill out in front of your personal big wall mounted monument to technology and capitalism and enjoy the frugally budgeted broadcast version.

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