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Comic books: The return of the man! Stan!

"Soldier Zero"  Cover Art By Javier Pina
"Soldier Zero" Cover Art By Javier Pina
Boom Studios

Yes, true believers! Stan the man is back in the game of developing comic book properties. Has he ever left? The eternal one has joined forces with Paul Cornell from Action Comics and Doctor Who handling scribe duties and Javier Pina of "Superman/Batman" lending form to imagination on "Stan Lee's: Soldier Zero."

Spoiler Alert: "Soldier Zero" tells the story of Stewart Truttmann , a physically disabled college student who becomes infected with alien DNA from a parasite from another galaxy falls to Earth.

The wheelchair bound youth goes through mysterious changes and gains incredible abilities far beyond those of ordinary men. Just in time for a inter-galactic war with our big blue marble as the dance hall of doom! Who will be there to shut the party down and keep this mud ball from burning to a cinder?

Why none other than little Stewie (No! Not that one!) A.K.A. Soldier Zero! But wait that's not all!

Coming next month mighty Stan comes right back with the enigmatic " The Traveler." on this go round the magnificent Mark Waid("Irredeemable" and "Kingdom Come") wields the pen and cheerful Chad Hardin drives the drawing board.

"The Traveler" tells the tale of a mysterious hero who battles dark forces with nothing less than mankind's history and future at stake.

Yes, beside acting , writing , touring and just living his life. The great one still finds time to do what he does best. Bring new heroes to life! "Soldier Zero #1" is in stores now. Next month "The Traveler" passes through your local comic book hangout November 2010. Be sure to add both of these hot new titles to your list of favorites. Till next time this is exclaiming "Excelsior!"


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