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Comic Books: The Justice League goes to War!!

D.C. Comics brings its animated version of their re-birth into The New 52 Universe to life with the latest DVD from Warner Bros Animation. "Justice League: War." As comic book fans know this film is based on the 2012 Graphic novel "Justice League: Origin" written by comic book super star scribe and Detroit native Geoff Johns and incredibly illustrated by one of the Picassos of comic book panels Jim Lee.

Batwing, the African Batman from the new 52 universe.
D.C. Comics and Warner Bros .Animation.
The latest Animated film DVD from D.C. Comics and Warner Bros Animation.
D.C. Comics and Warner Bros. Animation.

In this epic retelling of "the baptism by fire" of that universe's premiere super team, the Holy Trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are joined by the core roster of Green Lantern , Flash and finally Shazam. Also the movie introduces Cyborg. A former top athlete transformed into something both less and more than man.

Cyborg is considered one of the most popular black comic book characters and ongoing key player in the D.C. universe. In this huge retcon saga Darkseid and his hordes invade Earth during a time before the League was formed.

Each member was a loner, although they were aware of each other. The attack by the Intergalactic despot served as the baptism of fire for the team.

During the attack Victor Stone, a top college athlete and scholar was visiting his parents at S.T.A.R. Labs. Silas and Elinore Stone. The duo were world renown experts in multiple scientific disciplines.

Consumed by their mutual obsession for result they experimented with their own son and increased his intelligence via special serum that artificially augmented his mental capabilities.

However, even though the experiment was a success Vic was upset with his parents for using him as a guinea pig for one of their experiments. His dislike of science was apparent as he excelled in sports and left science behind for most of his college years despite his superior intelligence.

During the visit the parents are conducting an experiment on inter-dimensional energy which causes a protoplasmic creature be released into the lab.

Elinore is killed and Victor is mortally wounded, losing most of his physical structure.

Silas repels the creature and uses his vast intellect to save his son by replacing lost body parts with cybernetic ones creating Cyborg! One of the newer cornerstones of the D.C. universe. Victor now possess superhuman strength , speed and endurance. His greatest new ability is his control over technology.

He's also tapped in the digital realm, every computer is his friend, all software is his to command. Living within the world wide web and the wide world of reality although the latter is becoming more and more difficult..

Meanwhile the former lone wolves are fighting a guerrilla campaign against a very well trained military force possessing incredible powers that while not quite rivaling their own are relentless in their attacks. Realizing that the enemy is too strong for any of them to defeat alone they band together to defeat Darkseid and his minions.

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