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Comic Books: The Guardians Rule the Box Office!

Once again Marvel proves that the House that Stan built is standing on very solid ground indeed. Guardians didn't hold to the top spot but still maintains a very comfortable and constant ground gaining 2nd place.

Drax declares War!
Drax declares War!
Galactic Lineup
Sony / Marvel Studios

Spoiler Alert: Examiner experienced the Galactic saga that heralded a new group of ragtag warriors banded together to defeat a foe more powerful than each of them individually. Peter Quill, AKA Starlord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora , Rocket the Raccoon and Groot.

You more experienced comic book aficionados will remember the original version created by Arnold Drake and Gene Colan in 1969. As in all comic book films homage is paid to the original incarnation by featuring a re-imagining of a member of the first team.

In this instance it's the ultra hardcore portrayal of a new version of the original Yondu Donta. In the original version he was a noble savage. In the 2008 version that the film is based on, he's the leader of a intergalactic mercenary army for hire. This is version that made it to the film.

The original was a master with the bow and arrow. This one's arrow is sonically controlled and even more deadly. He uses it to intimidate individuals and annihilate his enemies. There are some awesome scenes in the movie that display this new and improved technology that he wields . The movie starts with a dramatic tug at your heartstrings then takes off into the stuff that comic book legends are made of.

The technology used to make the film is cutting edge of course provided by a really great story that enthralled novice and veteran comic book fans alike. This movie elevated one of Marvel second tier super teams to first class with a vengeance.

However this is no fluke. This was a carefully crafted plot that took years to develop and carry out. For instance the Avengers and Guardians suddenly started having regular run ins. The book was rebooted back in 2008. This is the roster for the film minus Captain Marvel , Angela and Agent Venom.

The core team consists of Gamora , the deadliest woman in the galaxy. Drax the destroyer, (A far less powerful than the original comic book version .) berserker super warrior Hell bent on revenge. Groot a living tree and enforcer for the larcenous and psychopathic vermin with a gun obsession Rocket the Raccoon. Back in the 70's the original was all over the Marvel Universe then just disappeared until the reboot in 2008.

In more recent years , they've team up with the Avengers , X-Men in comics and also on the small screen in the Avengers animated series and Ultimate Spiderman and the new version called Spiderman: Webbed Warriors! Examiner also needs to correct itself, by the time this article was completed G.O.G. had taken the box office back!

Their star on the comic book horizon has been glowing ever brighter and with a modest budget of 170 million dollars by Hollywood standards the film has grossed over $251,456,069 domestically and $489,056,069 worldwide. Not bad for a second string of rag tag heroes!

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