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Comic Books: The First Avenger: Steve Rogers

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Hello true believers! It's your friendly neighborhood Detroit Comic Book Examiner. Fresh and feeling fine after just viewing Marvel Studios' latest epic Captain America: The First Avenger. Spoiler Alert: Chris Evans was quite subdued yet still oozing with good old all American school boy charm as the Sentinel of Liberty created from the mind of a genius via test tube.

The film's script was written with a lot of nods toward Brian Michael Bendis' storylines for the Super Soldier's origins. How Steve Rogers' inner strength made him the first avenger well before his exposure to the science of old Dr. Erskine.

Hugo Weaving's portrayal as the failed yet still deadly first experiment The Red Skull was really adequate but not anything to write home about. No matter what role he's playing all I can hear is "Mr. Andersonnn!" His performance was somewhat formulaic but the since the character itself has such a rich history it was quite satisfying seeing Johann Schmidt finally given his due diligence on the screen.

The Star Spangled Sentinel's beginnings were humbly and poignantly told with a sense of Zen mysticism and good old fashioned All American homespun wisdom. Steve Roger's selection was more of a spiritual choice than a logical one.

Dr. Erskine felt that a being of great power should understand how to wield it properly. Who else would use it so sparingly than one who was denied it's physical characteristics but whose natural essence mirrored the very epitome of the project's ultimate potential.

A 4-F candidate was chosen because he would have compassion for even his enemies when necessary. He would angry enough to fight well but not angry enough to lust for blood or vengeance for the most part.

Rogers was a New Yorker born and bred. He was full of the Yankee fighting spirit from the time he was kid. As a young man during the outbreak of WWII, he tried several times to enlist into the Armed Forces but due to his fragile health was deemed unfit for service. However Dr. Erskine noticed his determination and something ephemeral drew the genius to the fierce determination of this physically small man with the spirit of a giant.

That is why Steve Rogers was destiny's choice to wear the mantle of Captain America!


Stay until the credits are over. I hear they always show something special in these Marvel movies!



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