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Comic Books: Motor City Black Age of Comics Conference.

Author and Screen writer Oz Wilson as he speaks with the fans at  the Motor City Black Age of comics
Author and Screen writer Oz Wilson as he speaks with the fans at the Motor City Black Age of comics
Dark Rhino Productions L.L.C.

July 10, 2010: a date that rocked the comic book world to its foundations. In one room there were multiple legends of the local and the national comic book and sci-fi film industry. Such a gathering of heroes hadn't been seen since D.C. 's "Blackest Night " saga or Marvel's "Siege."  The "Motor City Black Age of comics conference,"  erupted in Detroit. 

Andre Batts creator of "Dreadlocks," "Jihad A.D." and more, also the founder of Urban Style Comics. Detroit's , local comic book powerhouse. Abdul Rashid, nationally renowned cover artist on Marvel's "New-Gen," and Eidolon Studios' "Underlords", and of course Urban Style's " Jihad A.D" was the special guest. Abdul graced the audience with an artist's workshop where knowledge of basic form and structure creation was dispersed with great skill.

Oz Wilson, screen writer and creator of the underground hard core afro-centric supernatural crime fighting epic "The Shadow Walker Chronicles" was also on hand. Mr. Wilson also previewed an excerpt from the independent cult classic he has a "Story By" credit on and wrote the original screenplay for, entitled "Fury."
After the showing of the preview, Oz signed copies of "The Shadow Walker Chronicles" and held a writer's workshop where fledgling authors and screen writers received valuable kernels of wisdom from the up and coming local celebrity.
"It was great experience to share my meager knowledge with so many fans and seekers of information on subjects so near and dear to my heart!" Proclaimed the soon to be produced science fiction author, and self titled "Prince of Urban sci-fi and horror literature."

Oz went on to say, "When I sit with people of my" tribe," those individuals that don't let life's struggles destroy their imagination and aspire to make it their life's work, that's when I come alive. That's when I feel good about the things I've accomplished and look forward to the trials that lead to those I still have yet to conquer."

Onli Studios creator and owner Turtel Onli was in the house. Home of "Nog," and the crack zombie killing, super clone "Malcolm 10." Last but not least Infinite Studios, home of the Fantasy Graphic novel "Ezerea: Tales of the Zauberer."

Whew! That's quite a lot of black comic book energy floating in the air. Go to your nearest access point to the web and google all these cool expressions of the African American perspective of the comic book, film and sci-fi worlds . You'll be glad that you did. Guess what? You don't have to be black to enjoy them. 

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