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Comic Books: Marvel's Merry Mutants Return!

Well hello everyone and it's time to chat about the latest entry of Marvel's mutant movie machine.

Original comic book cover.
Marvel Comics
Movie poster
Sony Pictures, Marvel Studios

Spoiler Alert! "X-men: Days of Future Past" tells one of the greatest tales in the Homo-Superior history of the team and cornerstone of the Marvel Universe. In the comic book version Kitty Pride or Shadowcat, the phasing mutant 's essence is sent back in time to warn the X-Men of the impending war between humanity and mutant kind.

In the latest big screen version it's everybody's favorite canuklehead tripping the light fantastic back into the timestream. Wolverine has to convince both the younger versions of Xavier and Magnus to work together in order to change history and prevent the horrible war to come.

He finds them in a not so happy time in their lives. Xavier has become a recluse and borderline drug addict and shut the school down. Mags is spending time in solitary under what could be called a very secure location.

This film introduces some of the more recent core members fighting during the film's future sequences. X-Force members comprise most of the surviving members of the team. Bishop, Warpath and Colossus are featured during this outing. A standout on the team is the teleporting core member from the legendary "Age of Apocalypse" miniseries, Blink.

Her live action portrayal by the lovely Asian actress Bingbing Fan is just as amazing as the comic book rendition due to some really incredible 7th level eye candy screen effects. The film even showcases some of the team's classic fighting moves.

All in all this film is what comic book movies should all aspire to be like. Examiner gives this film 5 out of 5 stars!!!

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