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Comic Books: Marvel Mayhem Abounds!

Hello true believers. Well it’s been a crazy month since last we met. The comic book universe has been turned on its proverbial ear with all of the turmoil that’s erupted. Where will Examiner start? Well let’s begin with the most shocking news to date. Everyone’s favorite God of Thunder is now a Goddess of Thunder.

70's Deadpool
Marvel Comics
The Black Avengers
Marvel Comics

That’s right, the powers that be at Marvel are gambling that making one of their “Big Guns” a woman the books will fly off the shelves at your local comic book hang out. Now this isn’t the first time that they’ve used this tactic to shock readers. Back in 1999 they did it in the “Earth X” series.

Time will tell if this particular gamble will work as predicted and bring tons of new and female readers to comic book haunts across the globe.

Next on the list of shake ups is the new Captain America. Steve Rogers was attacked by the Iron Nail (Incredibly old fashioned sounding name for a villain by the way.) His super soldier formula is drained from his body causing rapid aging! Who can fill those big red boots? None other than his former partner and fellow avenger The High Flying Falcon! Marvel has taken great strides in recognizing different ethnic groups thus bringing newer readers and increasing profits.

The creation of the newest incarnation of the Avengers is proof of the efforts of the House that Stan built to acknowledge the growing multi ethnic urban comic market that includes blacks, Hispanics and Asians as well gender specific groups like the Gay and Lesbian community.

The Mighty Avengers is a title from the team’s past that now represents a new future and a team the takes a more earthly approach to humanities problems in between pummeling super villains and rescuing mankind from its own devices.

Lead by Luke Cage AKA Power Man (the first one), followed up by Marvel’s answer to Icon. “The Blue Marvel,”AKA Professor Adam Brasher and Blade to name a few. Nicknamed the “Hood Avengers” by the urban community, this is the team assigned to guard the planet while the main team is off planet.

If something bad jumps off, they have the stealth, power and skills to handle it! They also take on the smaller cases that just don’t need the power or experience of the main team. The sales of the book are steady so that’s a very good thing too. Since the sad announcement of the end of the Batwing series over at D.C. comics.

Last but not least, a very cool thing happened this week during a week of fantastic events during the greatest of the annual comic book and science fiction convention known as Comic Con in the magical land of San Diego (more on that in the next article). Along with the release of what looks to be a rocking game based of everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth, Deadpool.

Also some special studio test footage starring that same world’s deadliest assassin was supposedly “leaked” (Yeah, like the Kim K and Ray J video) on the web. Well just as one would think, this is one of the most coveted viral video downloads on the net!

Your friendly neighborhood Examiner has included a link to one of the few remaining netlocs (The previous word before the parentheses is trademarked and copyrighted by Dark Rhino Productions L.L.C. 2014 and means “internet locations.”) that it can be downloaded from, at least at the time of the initial publishing date of this article.

Marvel is now blocking the video as soon as they come across it now that the buzz has been firmly established in the minds of fan boys and aficionados across the globe. Marvel is doing the same thing that sexy girl from your youth and current existence does, lure you seductively in and leave you wanting more.

Touche! Marvel Touche! Don’t say I didn't warn you, click at your own risk!

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