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Comic Books: Holy Bat Inc.! A real Dark Knight!

The African Batman,
The African Batman,
D.C. comics

Hey Everybody I've been trying recover from Detroit Fanfare! It was great! Hundreds of fans, tons of memorabilia, sci-fi celebrity royalty like Adam Baldwin from "Firefly" and "Chuck." It was paradise for a comic book aficionado like your faithful Examiner. This entry into the world of comics is about one of the treasures your Examiner discovered. We've all heard about D.C.'s re-launch of their universe. One of the lesser marketed but none the less spectacular titles is "Batwing."

Examiner found a 1st print at fanfare since most of the stores were out of all of any first prints of this phenomenal event. Spoiler Alert: Batwing is the story of David Zavimbe, a former soldier and now police officer in the city of Tinasha South Africa. He's been given the mantle of the bat from Bruce Wayne himself.

Instead of the cave his lair is "the Haven, " instead of Alfred, his faithful man servant is Matu Bu. A Social worker that rehabilitates child guerillas of the war torn province, when he's not assisting the African caped crusader. The first issue also introduces Batwing's arch nemesis Massacre. A homicidal assassin that has no fear of our hero or anything else.

Because the series takes place in Africa and not the familiar Gotham landscape, readers will be able to see a new direction for the Bat legend. The controversial South African political ideologies will also be examined closely by master scribe Judd Winick and vividly brought to life by the beautiful water colored influences of Ben Oliver.

This action packed series promises to be a new hit for all fans of Bat action. The freshness of the location combined with the new attitude of David's interpretation of the Dark Knight manifesto is sure to compel scores of new readers to put this one on their pull lists from their local comic book hangout.

That's it for now! Be sure to give "Batwing" a shot. It's going to grow on you for real.

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