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Comic Books: Here come the Guardians!

Hello true believers! Well Examiner is back and stoked about the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. This version of the team is based on the re-booted version of the classic Marvel intergalactic team of the future!

Starlord's ship The Milano flies through the skies!
Starlord's ship The Milano flies through the skies!
Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures
Future Heroes , rough beginnings!
Sony Pictures, Marvel Studios

Let's take a look the first incarnation of the Guardians. The original team's first appearance came in January 1969 in Marvel Super Heroes #18 . Written by Arnold Drake and illustrated by legendary Blade and Falcon co- creator Gene Colan. They came from an alternate timeline, Earth 691 in the 31 century.

The team had spotty exposure in a lot of Marvel titles like Marvel Two-In-One #4–5 (July–September 1974), and Giant Size Defenders #5 and Defenders #26–29 (July–November 1975).

Their eternal adversary was the despotic alien invaders the reptilian race known as the Badoon. The original members consisted of the last survivors of their perspective races after the Badoon had destroyed them.

The original members consisted of Major Vance Astro, an astronaut from the 20th century who spent a millennium on a voyage to Alpha Centauri in suspended animation, he's a powerful telekinetic. In an interesting twist, Vance is also the alternative timeline version of Marvel's main Earth hero and Avenger Justice (Vance Astrovik).

Other original members include Martinex T'Naga , a crystalline humanoid, with freezing powers. Next the noble navy tinted savage from Centauri IV, very spiritual and deadly accurate bowman Youndu Udonta. Finally the strong man of the group, Captain Charlie -27 of Jupiter.

A massive military strategist and nearly Hulk like levels of strength. Examiner remembers one scene in the comic books when their ship was damaged, they were on an adventure with the Defenders. Charlie and the Hulk pounded out the hull damage with their fists. That's a "hands-on" repair job.

Now the new team:

Peter Quill A-K-A "Starlord" , a half human half alien hybrid. He's a rouge with a heart of gold! Rocket Raccoon, think Wolverine but even smaller with even more hair. He love weapons to make for his smaller stature. His organic muscle is Groot, a living tree!

Gamora is the galaxy's most beautiful and deadly assassin.

Drax The Destroyer , is an artificially created life form of nearly infinite power and strength. Controlled by the spirit of Earth man Arthur Douglas. Flight , omega level strength.

He doesn't need food or water, can travel through planetary systems at near sub light speeds by harnessing cosmic energy. He can also channel that energy into concussive blasts emitting from his hands.

His physical form morphs to encompass it's levels of power, ranging from 5'9 at 161 lbs. to 7'4 at 1,050lbs in his most powerful form.

The final member of the new crew is their ship, named ironically "Ship". It's sentient A.I. software give it a personality all its own. Spoiler Alert! In the film it's called "The Milano." The team faces the living embodiment of Kree Justice Ronan the Accuser!

Now we all know the movie will tone the power levels of the characters down several notches but the film is still gonna rock hard!

Blazing across the cosmos August 1st to an interplanetary theatre near you! Thrill at the exploits of the Guardians of the Galaxy!

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