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Comic Books: Green Lantern: Flawed but fun!

Emerald Gladiator
Emerald Gladiator
D.C. Games

Hey true believers it's your friendly neighborhood Detroit Comic Book Examiner. I've been away for a while but I'm back with a quick review of the Emerald Gladiator's debut flick. Spoiler Alert: Green Lantern , starring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively was lot of fun but there were a few little issues that surfaced but none the less it was great summer action flick. The introduction of Hal Jordan into the pantheon of super hero films was greatly anticipated and it didn't fail its audience.

The opening sequence was well written in order to invoke the spirit of the current origin basis of D.C.'s deep space hero. It merged the more recent developed Abin Sur lore as the precursor of Hal Jordan as this sector's assigned "beat cop." Comic book fans know the Abin was transporting a prisoner, Atrocitus to be imprisoned on the demon planet Ysmalt. Atrocitus escaped and in the battle Abin's ship crashed on Earth.

Enter the swashbuckling, ladies man and top jet pilot Hal Jordan. Due to Hal ability to overcome great fear he's chosen to become Abin' s replacement journeys to Oa and is trained to become a Green Lantern, a peace keeping officer assigned to watch over a certain assigned sector of the Galaxy.

The film introduces one of G.L. greatest enemies. Hector Hammond, in the comic books Hector was a petty crook that encountered an alien meteorite and after exposing others to it for profit and power was finally exposed to it himself and gained incredible psionic abilities, telekinesis and immortality.

In the film everything is linked to a fallen Guardian. The Guardian are the immortal creators of the Green Lantern Corps. Parallax is the one Guardian who felt that Fear was a more powerful force than Will power. Fear is represented on the spectral bandwidth as the color yellow, Will power is represented by the color green. Hence the Green Lantern Corps.

Ryan's opening sequence is hilarious as he leaps out of bed and leaves his latest romantic conquest laying in the bed as he realizes he's late for work.

There are certain aspects of the film that weren't as thought out as they should have been. If Parallax is a planet killing entity how could an Earthly tanker truck hurt him as it explodes. Also an ordinary missile fired from a jet plane. Powerful? Yes, but powerful enough to deter a planet killer. Not bloody likely!

Hey don't worry about it just sit back and enjoy the ride. Green Lantern is in theaters now. Comic soon reviews on "Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon" and of course "Captain America: The First Avenger."


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