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Comic Books: First Old Glory, then the Great Bird of Prey Appears!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters 4/4/14! Comic book fans are super stoked and chomping at the bit for this latest installment of the Marvel Movie Movement as they wait for its debut.

The Falcon surveys damage after the battle!
The Falcon surveys damage after the battle!
Marvel Studios
Sam Wilson, Code Name :Falcon
Marvel Studios

The newest hero of this little foray into the Marvel Universe is one "Snap" AKA Samuel Wilson know to comic book fans as The High Flying Falcon! Falcon is the first African American superhero, the Black Panther debuted first but he's African not African American, Falcon also precedes Blade by about 4 years. He was created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan, Gene was also part of the creative team for Blade as well.

The Falcon was first introduced as a native of Harlem who had trained a wild falcon, Redwing and was hired by a band of hunters that wanted Redwing's hunting skills.

They were later revealed as former Nazis, these so-called Exiles were actually under the leadership of Captain America's arch enemy The Red Skull. Wilson escaped but remained on the island to help the natives fight their oppressors. Once Cap found out about the plot he began training the Falcon so he could lead the natives to victory.

Later when his origins are re-introduced with much greater depth as we discover Sam had a very tragic past as a teen that loved raising pigeons on the rooftops of Harlem.

He encounters racism which leaves him very jaded and when his minister father is killed while trying to break up a fight it destroys a big part of his moral stability. Two years later his mother is shot and killed by a mugger. This final straw makes Sam snap and he literally becomes "Snap" Wilson, pimp, gangster and drug dealer.

He moves to L.A. and begins a life of crime. During this bit of retcon the journey to Exile island occurs when his plane crashes on the way to a big drug score in Rio De Janeiro. In this version the Exiles had been betrayed by the Red Skull and were in hiding while still enslaving the natives. Also in this version he doesn't meet Redwing until arriving on the island.

Later after his partnership with Cap is well established, Cap's arch enemy The Red Skull captures the Falcon uses the reality warping Cosmic cube form a "super normal mental link" between he and Red Wing.

As this power develops Falcon later discovers he can control birds. Wilson later meets the Black Panther who uses his advanced Wakandan technology to create a flying harness for the Falcon thus finally giving him the ability to actually fly(prior to he was using ropes to swing from rooftop to rooftop).

In the upcoming film Marvel Studios is going with the Ultimates universe version in which Wilson is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and technological genius who creates his own wing apparatus.

If the trailers are any indicator, then we are in for an incredible flight of action and adventure. Examiner can't wait for the date. "Captain America: The Winter Solider," swoops into theaters! Prepare for takeoff, the summer movie season begins on 4/4/14 .

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