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Comic Books: DTC & The Motor City Comic Con Invasion

   D.T.C.  Ninja  fighting Super Villainess!
D.T.C. Ninja fighting Super Villainess!
Dark Rhino Productions L.L.C.

It was stormy day in May 2011 when the first wave hit. The city was Novi, the place, Rock Financial Showplace. The universe exploded as time ,space and reality collided into one plane of existence. The MotorCity Comic Con had begun. May 13-May 15 2011, a weekend that would live in the memories of thousands.

There were stars of Sci-fi Shows past like Dirk Benedict (StarBuck), from the original "Battlestar Galactica," and Marta Kristen (Judy ) from the sixties TV classic "Lost in Space." Modern celebrities abounded as well, the seductive Tricia Helfer and venerable Dean Stockwell from the modern B.S.G. was also on site.

Ernie Hudson from "Ghostbusters 1 & 2" and a lot more. Tauntuns and Ecoto-1 were side by side "Robot" from the afore mentioned classic Lost in Space and various Super heroes, villains and Storm Troopers were on patrol throughout the crowds.

A local group of freelance ninjas of the comic book creating variety were also on hand to highlight their collaborative skills in the hopes of acquiring honor, glory and status among the more seasoned veterans that surrounded them on the battlefield of 2nd dimensional imagination that serves as the launching pad of reality's greatest innovations.

Detroit Tradecraft as the eclectic and intrepid band was known had secured a post near the wastelands of the battlefield known as "The Rock House." Their plan was to pick off the rest of the local competition, then advance on the more advanced warriors after gathering more strength from the mystically compelling powers of creative fund raising and marketing material talismans like T-shirts, caps ,mugs and of course copies of "The Door."

"The Door" is one of those unique gems that just has a special feeling about it. There's also a little preview of the writer who's been touted as Donald Goines, Stephen King and Stan Lee all rolled up in big package of literary lighting Oz Wilson. Oz is a screenwriter and author with a story by credit for "Fury" an award winning indie horror film and co-writer of "The Door." His most spectacular effort "The Shadow Walker Chronicles 2.0." The re-vamped version of the original cult classic novel is highlighted on the back cover in glorious color. Check it out!

Once you read the first excerpt from the combined efforts these future giants in the industry, you'll know you're in the present of greatness. Look up Detroit Tradecraft on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. DTC strikes again in September 24 & 25 2011. Cobo Hall is the arena of battle. Look for the Detroit Tradecraft Booth and pick up a copy of "The Door" and of "The Shadow Walker Chronicles," Carnage is set loose at Detroit Fanfare upon the shores of the "D."


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