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Comic Books : D.C. Re- Launches their Universe!

The D.C. Unvierse
The D.C. Unvierse
D.C. comics

D. C. comic re-launches its comic book universe this month. The house of "Krypton's last son" and "The Bat" is getting a face left this month. The long standing comic book empire promises readers a new, more complex and culturally diverse universe.

The heroes in this revamped more socially relevant universe will not only have new looks but new lives as well. Supes is single again, Barbra "Batgirl" Gordon is out of the chair and back in action. The new Batwoman has been around for a while know and she's looking for good woman.

The company is making all of its titles start over at #1 to further indicate the fresh new creative initiative taken by the # 2 comics publisher (at the time of this story) in an attempt to battle # 1 Marvel for sales and new readers.

The new Superman is also younger and more brooding, no more tights, instead expect jeans, work boots and battle armor. Sound like the "Brawny" Paper towel guy from Outer Space.

Geoff Johns, D.C.'s chief creative officer believes the company is really invested in this phoenix like reboot of dozens of its titles. " The whole company is committed to this direction," says John was a born in Detroit and raised in Grosse Pointe and Clarkston. "Everyone is about moving forward and not going backward."

What's most exciting to this Detroit Examiner is that one of its favorite mini universes is going to merge with its parent entity and Wildstorm characters will be making more appearances. The home base for this Examiner is Warp 9 Comics in Clawson, a bastion of comic lore, materials and endless discussions on the subject.

It's owner Lauren Becker states about the new direction of D.C. " I've had a lot of people adding new titles to their subscription lists (pulls for us insiders). He goes on to say "There are still some fans who are apprehensive and they're going to take it on a "we'll see basis."

One thing is for sure, things at D.C. are moving as fast as the proverbial "Flash." HA! HA!


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