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Comic Books: A type of hardcore hero!

the new cover for "The Shadow Walker Chronicles."
the new cover for "The Shadow Walker Chronicles."
Dark Rhino Productions L.L.C.

Only in a city like Detroit Michigan, could a being like the Shadow Walker exist.
"The Shadow Walker Chronicles" tells the story of boy cursed with the burden of being a vessel for being from beyond.

Spoiler Alert: This unholy union forces the boy into manhood instantly! Both mind and body are enhanced and this magical entity spends his immortal life battling evil. This way he eliminates the competition for the dominion of the world and destroys the dark forces that threaten mankind. 

"The Shadow Walker Chronicles," is the first in a series of books  from screenwriter, novelist and Michigan native Oz Wilson. This is one of the first Sci-fi Action novels written from the African American perspective. However even if you're one of the chosen. Don't worry, if you like hard core comic book action for the mature reader then you're in for a white knuckle ride of reading pleasure.

When interviewed , Oz a lifelong fan of the comic book, science fiction and horror genres said that "I always wanted to create a truly unique character that not only represented our voice but was also a universally entertaining story.

I believe that not only have I done that in "The Shadow Walker Chronicles," but that I've also created a character that will change the face of comic books and influence future generations of new heroes." 

The highly fertile and extremely disturbed mind of this Motor City Mage of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror has other exciting new comic book creations brewing in his sinister skull as well. However "Shadow Walker " is the flagship character of his "Dark Rhino Productions L.L.C." universe.

"The Shadow Walker Chronicles" Is coming to an independent dealer and Major online distributors Like Barnes & Noble .com and early in 2011.
"Behold and Beware: the Shadow Walker Lives!"


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