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Comic book review - Amazing Spider-Man 612


Amazing Spider-Man #612 courtesy of Marvel Comics, 2010

Utterly amazing, hence the title.

Hot on the heels of one of the more controversial issues of Amazing Spider-Man issues to date comes one of the better ones this longtime fan has read in at least a couple of years. The past, however recent, is the past. A huge editorial mistake was made with #611, so we move on like good comic fans should. This issue has one heck of a storyline in the making, people! The Gauntlet storyline has arrived!

Max Dillon, a.k.a. Electro, one of the more underrated rogues in Spider-Man's gallery, has made a smashing a voice for the people! Electro...a hero?! So it seems, folks, and so far I'm really liking where it's going. Void of the typical trappings of "old-villain-resurrection-plots" this storyline sees a bitter Max Dillon lamenting about his lot in life. Feeling shafted by "the man" and the big corporations, Dillon decides to take his plight to the people of New York City with surprising results. You might find yourself confused at the end of the issue as to who to root for, and it's a welcome surprise. It's a real positive after such a negative one-shot last week and I must honestly say this is one of the best Spider-Man books I've read in recent months, hands down.

Competently handled by writer Mark Waid and nicely penciled by Paul Azaceta, this arc has historic aspirations, and with the first issue actually living up to its pre-publication noise the last thread on the Marvel sweater has some length left for this writer/fan. I think if you're as disappointed as I am with the last ish of Spidey, I implore you to at least give this one a chance. What's being done with Electro is innovative, original and very appreciated in these times of economic trouble; we have a voice we can all relate to on some level, even if he is an arch villain from 1964. Just when I was ready to throw in the Marvel towel I'm a little less angry than I was earlier, and even though this is the proverbial deck-chair-off-the-Titanic scenario it at least slows the bleeding a bit.

Five of five stars for me so far - give it a shot and try really hard to forget issue 611 exists if you're so inclined. Don't give it up yet...not without a fight!

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  • Daily P.O.P. 5 years ago

    I don't mean to be obnoxious here, but this is exactly the kind of behavior I was on about on your review of #611. In one instance you are running to the hills declaring Joe Q is a cancer, this is a debacle and that Marvel doesn't get it. Then after spending $4 on an issue that you not only hate but editorialize and call others to act upon... you buy the next one and tell everyone to continue to buy the series and 'Don't give it up yet...not without a fight!'

    What kind of fight do you propose? You are continuing to support a machine that you despise. I certainly understand being passionate about comics (and I think that the best Spidey material is probably the Ditko run) but this kind of behavior is just making the things that are bothering you about the medium worse... because you are supporting it and doing so very vocally.

    I hope you understand what I'm saying here.

  • Chris Pratl 5 years ago

    I support a GOOD issue of Spider-Man and DD because those are the only 2 books by Marvel that I still buy. I love the characters and have runs of both. For better or worse, I keep buying them. That doesn't mean I will be silent when they make yet another blunder in a LONG line of them.

    Spider-Man has gotten much better these last few months since they've gone to 3-per-month, but this seemingly endless barrage of C-list teams doing an A-list books is unacceptable. I absolutely do NOT want Marvel boycotted or to go away because that means DC goes under, hence comics is destroyed. Therefore, I'd appreciate Marvel doing the intelligent thing and doing right by its arsenal. Not unreasonable by any means. Since I love Spidey and DD I keep buying, foolish as it is, but I guarantee that's where Marvel ends for me!

    And I'm sorry, but if you honestly believe Disney's talk of laying off the books...we'll just have to wait and see. I pray I'm wrong!

    Either way, thanks for the feedback

  • Chris Pratl 5 years ago

    I also wanted to promote good, honest feedback to Marvel from the core audiences about these horrible mistakes. When I complain about Quesada it's because he's aiming for a demographic of manga-influenced teens that no longer buy the books regularly and will not be buying them ten years from now! Times have changed, attention-spans wane, it's a fact of life. The guys keeping these books going are the same folks that have been buying for decades, be it one or five, and they DETEST this loose, free-form writing/art that damages the characters (Spider-Man's "Sins Past" reeks of this!) The demographic that SUPPORTS the hobby is not the Deadpool, goofy arms-out-of-ears audience and Marvel needs to hear this!

    I practice what I preach. During Sins Past I mailed a six-page letter (of wasted insight I'm sure) to Marvel about what exactly thy had done to the lineage of the Gwen Stacy line. I at least tried. Not everyone will agree, but it's painful to watch the demise of a once-great company

  • Daily P.O.P 5 years ago

    I think it's great that you wrote the letter and doubt that it was a wasted effort. Strangely I stopped buying Spider-Man at the same time and only came back during the Back in Black story (talk about wasted efforts!). I do have to point out that Deadpool is a HUGE success for Marvel and is selling out all four monthlies that he has running. I never liked the character until I read the Daniel Way series and honestly I only like Way's take on the character. It's not for everyone, I agree.

    I also think that DD is a wise choice for a reliably excellent comic... so far.

  • Chris Pratl 5 years ago

    DD has remained consistently good throughout the last four years, which has surprised me. I didn't think any book, no matter the company, could remain so good for so long. Yeah, the Back in Black things was pretty rough, but I was incensed over Sins Past. Then again, I too am a Ditko/Romita Sr. guy so I just chalked it up...after a long time of complaining about it!

    I know Deadpool sells out every month, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why. I know it's personal taste and all, but if he's Marvel's Lobo, another character I simply can't wrap my head around. They have big followings, so...who knows? I can't believe the prices on the New Mutants 98 book - absolutely crazy! Before the Wolvie movie we couldn't give them away if we taped dollar bills to them!

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