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Comic book movie news catch up, part two: Flash


I like Berlanti's gesticulations. Make him direct things. Now!

Elsewhere in the kinescopic version of the DC Universe, non-Green Lantern news has happened. Cue the Queen!

The languishing Flash movie may have another director for the time being, after flirting with and ultimately breaking the hearts of previous suitors David Dobkin, David Goyer and Shawn Levy. Greg Berlanti, a man credited with helping write the Green Lantern movie and directing episodes of TV shows you've never seen like Eli Stone and Everwood, is probably going to be directing Very Fast Man: The Movie.

It has been presumed for years that lightning bolt-ears will be played by Green Lantern, in an effort to confuse audiences and thwart plans for a Justice League movie.

Keep trying, people who want to make a Flash movie. You've got a lot to overcome.


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