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Comic book movie news catch up, part three: Supes and JLA


Goyer: "No, I'm not that guy from The Devil Wears Prada."

I could only hold off so long before I told you some movie stuff about Jimmy Olsen's best pal. You know, the one with that dumb curl in his hair.

There have been lots of rumors in the past week or so that David Goyer, writerly talent behind Blades and Batmen, may or may not be writing that new The Man of Steel Superman movie all the kids have been talking about. In the end, it turns out he may not be locked in as was originally reported. Nothing really is for certain, except that he is still co-writing the third Batman thing. But we already knew that. So yeah, I really could've spared you this paragraph. Sorry.

For a few years now we've been hearing reports on how there's going to be a Justice League movie of some sort, featuring such luminaries as Adam Brody as Flash maybe, and also a rapper as Green Lantern possibly. The script from Dermot Mulroney's sister-in-law and brother was to follow the JLA as they dealt with the nefarious plot of one Maxwell Lord. Warner Bros. wanted to do the whole thing in terrifying motion capture like all of those Zemeckis Christmas movies. This was all, at one point, supposed to be directed by the Babe: Pig in the City guy.

Thankfully, it looks like that bugnuts idea was eventually stillborn and thrown in a dumpster behind Warner Bros. studios. Now, since he and his crew must apparently be involved in every DC/Warner movie thing that happens, people are saying Christopher Nolan is going to direct the Justice League movie. Sure, why not. While we're at it let's start claiming that his brother Jonah, co-scripter on The Dark Knight, is going to co-write and direct The Man of Steel as well. A guy who's never directed anything. Yeah! Start risking hundreds of millions of dollars on nepotistic hiring practices, WB.

The craziness of the DC movie rumor mill is rapidly expanding, but it'll have to stop and contract eventually. Hopefully before Nolan's unborn children are assigned to Tiny Titans directing duties.


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