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Comic Book Literacy documentary world premiere at C2E2


I... may have misjudged my own ability to write sarcastic captions.

In the long, long ago, I mentioned a study showing evidence to suggest comic books are valuable tools in the promotion of literacy in education. Since a mere study is a bit sciency and boring, Todd Kent took the idea one step further and made a movie about it. And you can see this thing in Chicago next month.

According to the press release and accompanying website, Comic Book Literacy is an independent documentary feature exploring the educational merits of the oft-maligned comic book medium. The film contains all sorts of talking head interviews with notable comic book types like Joe Quesada, Scott McCloud, Gail Simone, Terry Moore, Paul Dini and Art Spiegelman as filmmaker Todd Kent valiantly seeks to "shatter the negative stereotype of comics as 'junk food for the brain.'" Kent also has a play on words or two in the press release to illustrate just how useful comics can be for book learnin':

We also hope to spread the word about what a great educational resource comics are...All teachers should have some comics in their utility belt.

I have to admit, it's the noblest comic effort I've heard, and I've read this thing. Go get 'em, Kent. Hey look, kids, a trailer!

Comic Book Literacy will premiere at the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo on Sunday, April 18th at 1:45 in the afternoon. Director-slash-producer Todd Kent will be available to answer your questions immediately following the feature. Until then, go to FaceFace and make friends with the movie - a completely inanimate thing. (Ohhhh, it burnssss.)


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