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Comic Book Films: The Year in Review!

Denzel Washington and Mark Walberg in "Two Guns."
Denzel Washington and Mark Walberg in "Two Guns."
Universal Studios

Well another year has come and gone! 2013 saw a lot huge hits and misses in the comic books and the films based on them. In Iron Man 3 leads the box office with a staggering 1.2 billion B.O., yes Examiner said "Billion."

Tony Stark/Iron Man
Buena Vista, Marvel Studios

In total there are four superhero based comic book films that will finish in the top 15 highest grossing movies worldwide for 2013. The Superman franchise was given a grand re-birth with "Man of Steel." (668 million B.O.) The great American Hero "G.I. Joe "returned with "Retaliation."( 375 million B.O.) An action packed and a warmly received popcorn flick but nothing to stand up and salute.

Thor: The Dark World (630 million) swept thru the holiday season and "Kick Ass 2" (59.6 million) stirred up controversy when one of its stars , Jim Carey renounced films that contain graphic violence but he still cashed his check! Jim did say that his change of heart was based recent acts of real life violence like the horrible rash of school shootings that occurred this year.

Hugh Jackman returned with a vengeance as "The Wolverine "(400 B.O.)and showed the world once again why "he's the best there is at what he does." Unfortunately not all the comic based films did huge numbers. Some did downright miserably like "R.I.P.D," (33 million B.O.) and "The Lone Ranger(89 million B.O.)

Examiner had to do research just to find out about that movie's storyline which is probably why it did so badly despite the huge eye candy it dished out at theaters. No one had ever heard of the comic book so that should have been a red flag for the studios but somebody didn't do their research, and now they're probably bagging groceries at Ralph's. The verdict is still out on films like "Two Guns," that was another one that Examiner was unaware it was based on the Boom Studios Graphic Novel. Let's go back to the really big winners of 2013 examine what made them so successful.

1. Iron Man 3: Robert Downey's acting. A proven and well known character. Unbelievable specials effects. Most of all a very compelling storyline.

2. Superman: Man of Steel.: A time tested character given a harder edge. Henry Cavil is the living embodiment of the physical character. He still needs a little more time to develop as an actor but not bad job at all. The franchise needed a lift and this movie was definitely it.

3. The Wolverine: Hugh Jackman has become synonymous with the character. The story was very intense and enthralling and the human pin cushion arrow scene is sure to go down as one the best in the annuals of comic book films. .

4. Thor: The Dark World. In relatively short period of time Chris Helmsworth has achieved what both Christian Bale and yes Hugh Jackman have done. When you think of the character you see their faces.

5. G.I. Joe: Retaliation! Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson joins the Joes and becomes the new team leader after Duke's death. This was great popcorn movie but nowhere as good as the previous four films based on the storyline. It was cool to see the origin of "Snake eyes, but I would have sacrificed that for a few more Joes, Cobra operatives and battles.

Well there you have it, Examiner's top comic book movies of 2013. What were yours?

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