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Comic book cosplay lines the halls of Big Wow ComicFest

No comic book convention like San Jose’s Big Wow ComicFest (May 18-19) would be complete without comic book cosplay. Cosplaying attendees of Big Wow ComicFest had a variety of source material to cosplay from such as the iconic heroes & villains of DC Comics, the new designs from the Marvel Universe films, or a variety of independent comic book characters.

Villains from the Adam West era of "Batman."
Villains from the Adam West era of "Batman."
Tom Tonthat, used with permission
Cosplayers Anthony Misiano and Alyssa King as Joker and Harley Quinn, the couple who puts the fun in dysfunctional.
Tom Tonthat; used with permission

The halls of Big Wow ComicFest became a venue for all sorts of comic book characters to interact with each other. Posing for photos and acting out as the characters they cosplayed as, the cosplayers gave attendees and fellow comic book fans a good time. Children and children at heart had a particular cheerful glee in their voice upon encountering a well-cosplayed version of their favorite comic book characters during Big Wow ComicFest. The highlight of cosplay display—comic book or otherwise—was during the Big Wow ComicFest costume contest where cosplayers could show off their cosplay for audience appreciation and a chance to win cash & prizes.

In addition to just checking out the hall cosplay of Big Wow ComicFest, attendees interested in the hobby were able to meet their heroes of cosplay who sold autographed prints of their cosplaying selves and/or posed for photos with fans. For a more literal example of encountering heroes of cosplay during Big Wow ComicFest, the convention hosted a couple of panels covering the SyFy reality series “Heroes of Cosplay.” Featuring several participants of the first season of “Heroes of Cosplay,” they answered questions about how their cosplay productivity was affected by the production crew filming, and their favorite moments from the show. As expected, any questions about the second season were answered with a typical “Tune in to the next ‘Heroes of Cosplay’ starting May 27.”

Given the large number and variety of comic book cosplay, Big Wow Comic Fest was a photographic opportunity to stage some crossovers between characters. Which two comic book characters would you want to see in a fight and who would you want to win?

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