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Comfy Pets of Az

Who needs a Pet Sitter??
Comfy Pets of Az

Featured Pet Expert of April!

Teri Ann has been working with animals since she was a teenager. She realized growing up that animals gave unconditional love, something which she readily gave back! Her first wish was to become a veterinarian but decided against it when she watched her vet do knee surgery on her horse. Ouch! She wasn't all that keen on the excising bone & everything else that went with it! So she became the next best thing---A Professional Pet Sitter! Well, for Teri Ann who is not just your average Professional Pet Sitter.... Pet Sitting is just ONE of the amazing things this incredible lady does! Read more.......

Teri Ann started her part-time business in Montgomery, TX in 1999 and brought it to California where she grew up in 2001. In 2006 Teri Ann moved back to Arizona where she was born and has been running Comfy Pets in Laveen ever since. Her mother, Donna, helps her out by running additional professional pet services in Fountain Hills.

In 2009 Teri Ann decided to take her first Wilderness First Aid class because she wanted to be able to aid a distress hiker while out in the wilderness. Teri Ann took the course and learned extensive material she decided to pursue her training to the next level--Wilderness First Responder.

This courses was an intense 10-day course living in the forest of Flagstaff with an outdoor classroom, living and studying in a tent and the most awesome scenarios which included a Search & Rescue and a Night Rescue. Since then, she has been re-certified and will attend her next recertification at the Grand Canyon June of 2013.

In 2011, Teri Ann decided to attend the Emergency Animal Medical Tech Academy because she desired to help her animal clients as well when needed. Teri Ann was already certified in Pet CPR and First Aid but it was important to her to take it to the next level of expertise. The class and the lab were very intense and she found herself studying very late into the evenings into the wee hours of the morning. Additionally, in 2011 Teri Ann also became a Certified Pet Tech Instructor teaching Pet CPR, First Aid and Pet Care Classes because she wanted to teach others about saving the life of an animal.

Teri Ann is the only instructor in the state of AZ that offers a special class (8-Hour Course) titled, "AZ Wildlife & Your K9." Teri Ann feels that everyone should be prepared when hiking, even walking your dog about what types of wildlife they may encounter and what to do in such situations. Teri Ann finished off 2011 by attending the Large Animal Rescue Training which was held at the Daisy Mountain Fire Station. It was an exciting experience working side-by-side with the Fire Fighters and learning what to do in an emergency involving large animals, including roll-over horse trailers.

To continue her medical education Teri Ann volunteers at road races, including several times at the PF Chang Marathon which is held in Phoenix in January.

In 2013 Teri Ann joined the Medical Rescue Posse so she could get more hands on experience. This was important to her because she does not work in the pet medical field on a day-to-day basis. At the end of 2013 she completed EMT School and passed the NEMT Test in January of 2014. She is very excited to use her medical training and skills this year!

Teri Ann's Certifications:

  • Emergency Animal Medical Tech I (EAMT I)
  • Pet Tech Instructor #1677 (PTI)
  • Equine First Aid & Emergency Planning
  • Wilderness EMT (WEMT)
  • Large Animal Rescue Tech II (LAR II)
  • Medical Rescue Posse (MRP)
  • AZ Search & Rescue (AZSAR)
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

In 2013 Comfy Pets of AZ offers Animal and Human Medical Services, such as post-surgical care. Teri Ann monitors vitals, makes sure that all medications and treatment is followed by the patient and works with the veterinarian/doctor if need be. This service is great for people that have a pet who's recently had surgery and needs continued monitoring at home. Most pet owners need to continue working which leaves little help for their pet at home. This is where Teri Ann comes in! Teri Ann will come to the patients home to make sure the pet is doing well and to deal with any situations that may arise from complications of the pet's surgical procedure.

Teri Ann takes care of both domestic and farm animals, she also has two dogs of her own. Teri Ann adopted Willa in January 2009. This came two months after she found herself having to put her beloved dog Max, down.

Her 2nd dog is Zoe, who originally belonged to her sister but after Teri Ann moved away from the farm she quickly realized that Willa needed a buddy! When Willa was home alone she would literally eat Teri Ann's house! Just a little separation anxiety! Zoe has fast become Willa's pal and yes, Willa has stopped eating Teri Ann's house!

To round off Teri Ann's animal kingdom are, Hazi, a Paint/Arabian Mare. Hazi was a rescue horse and was originally named Haz Mat because she can become one crazy mare. Near South Mountain, riding horse brings much excitement! Seen while riding, are coyote families and Javalinas.

A question Teri Ann is asked all the time is "What is your favorite dog breed?" Teri Ann's answer is is always the same-Pit Bulls. She feels that Pit Bulls are given the bad rap because the only stories ever told are the bad ones. Highlight News such as an owner who is busted for Pit Bull fighting rings or a Pit Bull kills a dog / attacks a human, you get the picture. Pit Bulls are like children in the fact that they act as they are raised. If a dog owner raises a Pit Bull to attack other dogs than that is what the dog will do. Teri Ann has a client that has 5 Pit Bulls and they are the sweetest dogs. Really!

Teri Anne's Willa, is part Pit Bull and loves to wag her tail when they are playing. Teri Ann wants to point out that a dog such as a Labrador, or any other breed can also bite or attack a person/animal just as easily as any other breed.

Teri Ann also runs Doggie Doo Adventures.

This program gets the dog out of the dog house and into nature. Teri Ann picks up a dog Monday-Friday and takes that dog on an adventure! This includes doggie hikes in and around South Mountain or other trails in Phoenix. An adventure might include running free at a dog park or a field trip to a safe Dog Park where the dog(s) are free to jump and play. An all-day field trip may include a snow day in Flagstaff where the dog steps out of her truck and onto snow for the first time or heading on to the trails in Sedona or Flagstaff. Teri Ann is amazed at the wonder of a dog playing. She feels that all dogs deserve to be exercised on a daily basis which can keep them out of trouble (chewing on things they shouldn't because they are bored). It's like having a child enrolled in an after-school program to keep that child out of trouble and being productive. Teri Ann is also a hiking guide and offers ladies an alternative to the gym by learning exercise in the great outdoors as well as educating them in their personalized nutritional needs.

Teri Ann treats all her animal clients as family because THEY ARE FAMILY!

If you think Teri Ann has what you are looking for in all of her specialized areas please contact her at the below available telephone and website.

Business Website:

Business Telephone: 602.579.1437

Thank you Teri Ann! Kim

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