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Comforting bear hugs yield valuable information

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Teddy The Guardian looks like a fluffy, soft brown teddy bear that invites cuddling. It is comforting for children to hold. When children give Teddy The Guardian gets hugged he gives information because he is a plush teddy bear with built-in medical sensors that track a child’s vital signs and sends recorded values wirelessly to a physician’s tablet or web application. By doing so it provides parents with a mobile app to visualize and measure their children’s vital signs in an intuitive stress-free way.

The idea behind Teddy The Guardian is to provide relevant results to pediatricians about heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature, and stress levels for a child as it holds the bear close and interacts with him. By doing so the doctor’s job is simpler and the child is less stressed.

Every time a child takes Teddy The Guardian by the hand or puts Teddy’s paw on his forehead sensors detect the values, capture them and transmit in real time to a mobile app where data is analyzed, visualized, managed and downloaded by the medical staff and parent.

The child is comforted by the bear, the bear transmits information in a kid friendly way that seems like child’s play, without being in the clinical setting. When a child is stressed out about going to the doctor or spending time in a hospital, his or her vital signs will be skewed and medically less relevant. Taking data points when the child is in a neutral emotional state can give doctors a wealth of good information to establish trends and track improvements.

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