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Comfort never tasted so good: Celebrate National Homemade Soup Day

Soups are a combination of vegetables, meat or fish that is cooked in liquid. They are created with fresh ingredients which is healthy because we know there aren’t any preservatives added. Homemade soups are tastier than canned soups as well as a lot fresher.

Homemade soup day is a warm comforting holiday to celebrate!

It is hard for many to resist a bowl of hot and steamy homemade soup. A pot of soup is warn, inviting and a true comfort food. So much so that there is a food holiday designated just for homemade soup. Each year on February 4 people around the world celebrate “National Homemade Soup Day”!

There are lots of soups we are familiar with such as chicken soup, chicken and rice, chicken noodle and tomato soup. These delights are great alone or accompanied by a sandwich or salad.

Soup is derived from the word “Sop” which is really just broth that was once poured upon bread sometime during the Middle Ages. That same word, sop also was the beginning of the word “Supper” which described the last meal of the day. Long ago supper was actually the lightest meal eaten where today it is the heaviest meal of the day.

Soup is wonderful when you are feeling ill or trying to recover from the flu or a cold. It provides a warm feeling, is easy to swallow, fills you up without weighing you down and doesn’t usually contain tons of calories either.

Many people garnish their soups with croutons, grated cheese, cubed cheese or sour cream. French onion soup is a perfect example of one topped with grated Swiss cheese.

Most soups are served hot while fruit soup and Vichyssoise is actually served cold.

The consistency of soups is also different depending upon what homemade recipe you choose to cook. Celebrate the culinary art of making your own soup!

Types of soups:

  • Thick – gumbo, Potage, chili or stew
  • Thin – consommé or clear broth
  • Smooth – bisque
  • Chunky – chowder, bouillabaisse or stew

The word “soupe” is a French term for a hearty soup which is also thick such as Potage.

The phrase “soupe au pistou” is a French vegetable soup that is similar to the Italian soup we know as minestrone.

Enjoy a bowl of soup on “National Homemade Soup Day” - What is your favorite soup?

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