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Comet ISON dies keep the faith

Death of a comet
Death of a comet

There is no other astronomical event that has the potential to disappoint more than a great comet. Seeing a great comet is an experience one never forgets. It changes you. For those of us who have seen a great comet the disappointment with ISON is not so much missing the chance to see another, but the lost opportunity for others to see their first. It’s why there is so much hype when a comet like ISON shows potential. We want everyone to see one, and if there is a potential great comet it will be hyped as ISON was.

ISON reminds us what we all know and hate to admit about comets; it’s impossible to predict what kind of a show they will put on. Even our best educated guesses have failed us on many occasions. Trust me, ISON was not the first and will not be the last.

If you are one who was really disappointed, chock up ISON to experience. Just think about how you would feel if ISON had lived up to its potential and you were clouded out. Talk about extreme frustration.

There will be other great comets and great comet busts like ISON. Halley’s Comet returns in 2061. It has the potential of being the best visually it has ever been given the angle the tail will have with the Sun and Earth. If you are young enough mark your calendars. As for the rest of us, let’s hope to see it from a better vantage point.

Wishing you clear skies