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Comedy Wednesdays: with Fredy Stebbins at Casa de Tula

Calle 8 Comedy official show propaganda
Calle 8 Comedy official show propaganda
Miami Comedy Examiner Approved

One of the funniest men in the South Florida comedy scene is at it again with a new show on the world famous Calle Ocho.  (World famous for....? Oh, yeah being el centro del mundo for the Cuban ex-pats who give this city flava!)

Freddy Stebbins, is a man whom I called an: "impish, man-child with multiple personalities and ADD -- a lad who's gone way off his meds.  [Who] In the matter of three hours...bounces off the scenery, donning wigs and cod pieces as he careens from one character to another."  (Is it wrong to quote yourself, nahhhh!)

Why do I mention it?  Well, he's got a new show at the famous "Casa De Tula," every Wednesday night from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.  Casa de Tula is located at 1513 SW 8 St. in Miami.

This is a must, people!  Totally free (i.e., no cover) with 2-for-1 drinks 'til 8:30.  Calle 8 Comedy even has an open mic component, so anything can and probably will happen.  Best comic qualifies for a big end of the month prize.  A guaranteed good time or Freddy will give you a personal lap dance in character!

Miami Comedy highly recommends Calle 8 Comedy!

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