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Comedy to look for in 2010: Louis C.K.'s 'Hilarious'; also, a tidbit on 'Valentine's Day'

Unfortunately, the official review for Valentine's Day will be a few days late, but in the meantime, you can read the unofficial review.  Also, if you want to know what the consensus of the movie is so far, it currently has a 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has been panned by the critics (like that'll really stop the movie from being a box office juggernaut tomorrow).  You can check the movie out in your local theaters, probably tomorrow on Valentine's Day.

This is Louis C.K. on his HBO special called 'Shameless.'  The picture doesn't disappoint the title.
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Tidbit over.  Now segueing into something with more notoriety.

Comedian Louis C.K. is currently the best comedian out there today.  He has had two hour-long comedy specials since 2005 named Shameless and Chewed Up.  The latter was nominated for an Emmy Award for writing.  His latest tour, entitled Hilarious, was shot as a movie instead of an HBO or Showtime special.  It has recently been screened for the Sundance Film Festival this year.  The entire movie is just him doing stand-up comedy for about an hour and a half.

Speaking from personal experience as somebody that went to one of his Hilarious tour shows, this movie is going to be, or at least should be, the sleeper hit of the year.  If Dear John can do it, Hilarious should hopefully be able to.  But then again, Louis C.K. doesn't look like that former stripper Channing Tatum.  Anyway, during the L.A. show, Louis C.K. gave his take on divorce (he did this show a day after his divorce was finalized!), the economy, terrorism, God,  and many taboo topics that can't really be typed out here.  Most, if not all, of these jokes will be in the movie.  He went for over 90 minutes on this particular show.

His humor has relatability for everybody, especially when he gripes about how he feels as a grumpy older man.  One particular standout is when he's talking about seeing a hot girl at a bar, and how when he was in his 20s, he would dream and fantasize about one day being able to even be noticed by a girl like that.  About how awesome it would be to even say hi to her, to touch her, to anything.  If he were just lucky enough! 

And now in his 40s, he looks at a girl like that and goes, "Is that a real person?  What is that?  Is that a thing?  What kind of life is that to lead, being 'the hot girl at a bar'?  'So what do you do?'  'People wanna (blank) me.' "  His cynicism is strangely hopeful so that guys in their 20s and men in their 40s can laugh at themselves and realize how ridiculous they are and were.

Most people have actually probably seen Louis C.K. on Youtube as the guy on Conan who does the bit that everybody calls "everything's amazing, nobody's happy."  This is actually a part of a much longer segment on the Hilarious tour and will undoubtedly be in the movie as well.  The clip is featured below and is strongly recommended if you haven't seen it yet.

Hilarious will be released sometime in 2010, so keep your eyes open for it.  This article didn't feature many laughs, so here are some of the best Louis C.K. clips below for anybody that isn't familiar with the best comedian today.  You can laugh at these instead.

Louis C.K. talks about how great it is being white.

John Mayer recently got in trouble for using this word.  Louis C.K.'s unique take on the controversial word.

Louis C.K. defends gay marriage and then offends gay people. 

Louis C.K. kills at the Sundance Film Festival.

Bank fees suck. 

UPDATE: A great 15-minute Louis C.K. radio interview where he poignantly explains his comedy.

Also, when he goes on a new tour, he will probably be performing in L.A. again.  Check his official site for all future ticket information. 


  • sanchez 5 years ago

    Nothing bad to say about this one. Louis C.K is a funny comedian who makes your everyday problems look like a joke.
    "I had five dollars [in the bank] that I couldn’t have for three days until they charged me another 15. Leaving me with -10. What does that mean? I don’t even have no money any more. I wish I had nothing. But I don’t have it. I don’t have that much. I have not ten. Negative ten. I can’t afford to buy something that doesn’t cost anything. I can only afford to get something that costs you give me ten dollars"

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