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Comedy Showcases

Comedy clubs are probably the place where you will see the best comedians (most of the time) I'll admit that. We live in Michigan and not L.A. or New York so the chances of someone really famous just happening by at an open mic is pretty slim. However, people like Dave Attell, and the notorious Carlos Mencia do grace our comedy club stages. People as big as Louis C.K also come here but that caliber of comic usually plays in a theater as opposed to a club, ex. Royal Oak Music Theatre, or the Detroit Opera House.

Weekend shows at a club, and open mic are probably the most common shows that people know about. I want to talk about what's in-between, a showcase. What's a showcase you ask? In this case it's a slew of comics, somewhere between 6 and 12, most of whom are at least getting paid on a semi-regular basis for their comedy. Sometime the second half of the show features just open-micers or just other comics trying to get some time who were not in the original lineup. These shows are great because you get nearly the quality of a professional show, without all the high prices. Here are three examples that you should check out.

Hashtag Comedy Showcase is a fairly new show put on by comic Darnell Anderson. It takes place at the La Perle Hookah Lounge in Wyandotte. It starts at 9pm and is only 5 dollars! The next one is July 2nd and features all working comics. You should check it out! Also make sure to follow @hashtagshowcase for the hilarious twitter wars!

Summer Comedy Series is also pretty new and takes place in the upstairs of 5th Avenue in downtown Royal Oak. It is on Wednesdays and starts at 10pm and as far as I can tell there is no cover. This show features many working comics and many newer to the trade. It's a fun mix you don't want to miss. It is run by local comic Jimmy Slims.

These Are My Friends is run by the very funny Carl Johnson. The show is monthly and takes place at the Confetti Liquor Box in Dearborn Heights. This particular showcase has been going on for over a year and is a great time. The show features 9 working comics, including a veteran headliner. The cost is only 5 dollars! Show starts at 9:30 and the next one is TBD.

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